How to Kill a Moustache video - Handlebar Moustache Life How to Kill a Moustache video - Handlebar Moustache Life
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How to Kill a Moustache video

This is really very insightful and funny. Of course, I don’t advocate shaving off your moustache. A lot of men who are exploring the growth of a handlebar moustache are a bit unsure of the idea, or are concerned how they will look. I encourage you not to be concerned. This isn’t about worrying what others will think. Do you like it? Do you love it? Grow it.

Another point I make in some other post here is that as you grow in your handlebar moustache you will have bouts of doubts and will want to shave it off. I assure you this will pass. I created the Two Week Rule, where you can’t cut it off until you hate it for two weeks solid. Again, the mood will pass. It’s just self consciousness. As you grow in courage, as you get used to it, and as the complements come in you will become more and more comfortable with you new and awesome style.


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