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Braving Life with a Handlebar Moustache – a Conversation via Email

Posted by on Mar 18, 2012 in Moustache Explorations | 0 comments

The following is an email conversation with a site visitor Jonathan. He is new to the fold and  asked some advice on enduring the transition to awesome facial hair with a handlebar moustache.



I recently discovered this site, it is full of great tips. I have been growing my mustache, from a bald upper lip, for about a month now. My goal is a handlebar like you have. I have three concerns and I haven’t found a post about them yet on here, so I thought I’d just ask you.

1) I have light brown hair, but my mustache is almost blonde. I think it will look good when it is longer, but right now it just looks kind of weak. Did you have any issues in the growing phase of just wanting to give up?

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