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Tombstone Movie: Moustaches Galore


The following is copied from a longer article here. This is all that referred to the moustaches. Who cares about the rest, right?

“Tombstone has, hands down, the most handsome and manicured group of mustaches I have ever seen assembled in a film. What was the atmosphere like in the mustache-grooming trailer, and were you ever a little disappointed that your mustache didn’t carry as much flair as some of the other guys? Or were they just trying to overcompensate for something else?

“Michael Biehn: I don’t know. Everyone just grew a moustache. When it comes down to it, this goes back to Kevin Jarre, the film’s original director. He was very specific about how he wanted the moustaches. He wanted them to curl up on the end. Which means, if you grow a moustache, and it grows long enough, you have to use wax on the end of it. Everyone was pretty proud that they grew their own moustache.

tombstone jon tenney john behansherrifThere was one guy, Jon Tenney (as Sheriff John Behan). He didn’t get to grow his own moustache because he had a job right before that. They had to put a fake moustache on him. I think he always felt a little bit like the small dog of the group. Because it wasn’t his real moustache. He had to take his moustache off everyday. It wasn’t like a moustache styling competition. I don’t think anyone paid much attention to his moustache. Unless Kevin said, “Someone work on Michael Biehn’s moustache!”

Below is one of the best shots of the main characters from the movie.

Moustache Assessment

Kurt Russell’s moustache appears to be what one would expect of such a practical, down-to-business character as he played. You see it grown out to a stylish length but styled without wax, and I think that’s realistic as he doesn’t come across as having any such vanity that he must have the curls just so. Additionally, moustache wax might not have been all that easy to get in that location in those days. You also notice that ┬áhis is not naturally very curly. We don’t know what they movie’s hair stylist did to his stache for the shoot, but if we assume this is his natural degree of curl, then it just works. They may have also opted to avoid any tombstonecollagestrong curls so as to avoid any sort of association people have with bad guys such as Snidely Whiplash. Yet it’s a substantial moustache, fitting the main character played by Russell, and next to Elliott’s, really suits the role.

Sam Elliott, one of the most famous moustache bearers in cinema, does not disappoint at all in this film. It looks like he let out all the stops and let his mo grow even more than we are used to seeing. Older and wiser than the rest, perhaps, his mo droops down to just below his jaw, testifying to his status as the elder man. He looks like one serious dude.

Val Kilmer is a bit on the spare side, looking like he barely had time to grow anything for the movie, unless they decided to just have each character stand out. His mo is smaller but appears waxed to sharp points.

Bill Paxton plays Morgan Earp. His moustache is also not so massively handlebarred, but wraps down around the corners of his mouth, giving him something of a permanent frown.




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