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It’s Not a Handlebar Moustache but It’s Awesome – Batstache

The Bat-stache is bat-tastic.

This stroke of genius is by Samuel Platz of Sacramento, California. He will be world famous in a matter of hours.

My favorite comments from the page:

“If my boyfriend sees this, all is lost.”

“I don’t know if this is incredibly awesome or incredibly disturbing”

“As a woman… I marry the shit out of you!”

“As a man who can’t grow facial hair fuck you. fuck you, you glorious bastard.”

“You should go to comic-con and open a kissing booth! Line would be out the door.”

“To the Bat-shave!”

“You Sir, have won at life.”

“Upon seeing this, I couldn’t contain my orgasm.”

“All I can think of is how epic it would be to kiss that!”

See it here:

and here:

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