How to Eat with a Large Moustache How to Eat with a Large Moustache
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How to Eat with a Large Moustache

Eating with a full grown moustache can be a bit of a challenge. I myself once firmly and painfully bit down on my moustache while eating a sandwich. Accumulating crumbs and samples of sauces and such in the moustache is a real hazard, and as the mo is not in plain sight of our own eyes, we need to take care to keep it clean.

Below is a great video by my friend Stu in England full of his tips on eating with a moustache and beard. Stu’s mo is awesome and his beard, just a few months old here, clearly looks like a legend in the making. Please enjoy this video and learn about eating different foods and “how to get them into your face with the least damage.” and visit his site at

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