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Strange Complement by a Stranger

I was walking into the Vons grocery store to pick up something for dinner, and noticed in the night time glare of the parking lot lights that my moustache had grown out enough that I could see the ends if I looked down. Amused, I smiled and looked up.

As I did a woman walking out of the store caught my eye and with a big smile said, “Nice beard!”

man with a handlebar moustache

Nice Beard?

I don’t have a beard, but I knew what she meant. The awesomeness just jumbled her word choice.

And I’m sure there are SO many others who just are rendered speechless….



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  1. Recently my father had to be taken to the emergency room, of course I accompanied him.
    During one of my trips to the nurses station, a young lady, 19-20 years old, passed me in the hall and told me “I really like your moustache”. Later on, she and her another young lady passed me and I overheard her telling her friend to look at my “cool moustache”. A few days before, while visiting my Dad in rehab, an elderly gentleman commented on my stache and asked how long it took to grow.

    It really helps knowing that ones efforts are appreciated.

  2. And I imagine that it is very well groeomd indeed! Well, would you fancy taking on thechallenge of starting over again in the name of a very good cause? Where would you like the fundraising pack sending?

    • I would not start over. Movember would have a man start from scratch and then shave it off at the end of the month, but that would be a waste of a handlebar moustache, which takes months to mature.

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