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Handlebar Moustache Life Site Makeover

I am happy to say that the new theme is installed for the blog and formatting is mostly done. This is a much more developed theme, programatically speaking, and has some nice new features for me as a blogger. I have also updated WordPress to the latest version 3.8. A few days later I added the featured post image slider on the home page and a new gallery page for the survey results category.

hmlnewthemescreenshotIf you find any missing images or strange formatting, let me know. I have more to do yet. It will take a while to hunt them down.

By the way, if you use WordPress and use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, it may fail to work on a majority of your images. The solution is to backup your site, put your site in maintenance mode and deactivate all plugins except Regenerate Thumbnails and your maintenance plugin, then run the regeneration. You may still get some failures. If your images then randomly disappear, backup your site again, then update WordPress. This worked for me.

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