A Visit to Oregon and My Moustache Gets Me On TV - Handlebar Moustache Life A Visit to Oregon and My Moustache Gets Me On TV - Handlebar Moustache Life
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A Visit to Oregon and My Moustache Gets Me On TV

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I just got back from a week vacation in beautiful Oregon. Visited my brother in Eugene area and saw a lot of trees. That means more when you know I live in a treeless desert.

Of course, got my share of complements on my moustache here and there. Sunday the 21st we attended the Oregon Country Fair, which is a few thousand hippies types, faerie types, various  nature and Earth lover types, etc., and a few hundred craft and food vendors and performers in the woods for three days. Quite a sight. I wore my denim kilt and had my mo waxed up nice. I used Firehouse Wacky Tacky as it holds up nice in the warm weather, and got a lot of complements on my mo and looks from some, and just as I was leaving gave a couple of men a mini-class in growing a handlebar, with tips and recommendations and my Two Week Rule (No trimming or cutting it back or off unless you hate it for two weeks solid).
Here’s me and mo in a hand-crafted leather top hat at the Oregon Country Fair
erictopHatMoFairOR700wOpt2013-07-14 11.24.03
I spent most of my time in the Eugene area near where my brother lives. We went to see old growth forests (great) and fish hatcheries (not so interesting without a tour guide) and did a four mile round trip hike through the forest to the peak of Spencer Butte, which is 2056 feet above sea level and is positioned just south of Eugene. Really beautiful view from up there, and really good exercise. My legs and glutes were sore for three days because I never do that much exercise.

Here’s me and mo on top of Spencer’s Butte south of Eugene.

Man with a handlebar moustache on top of Spencer's Butte near Eugene, OregonWednesday afternoon  I went to visit my niece Erin in Portland – wonderful city – and we visited the zoo (four more hours of walking) and other places. At the zoo we passed through the lion viewing exhibit and saw a news crew doing some video.

After the zoo, we went to the International Rose Test Garden, which I have wanted to see for over 30 years, ever since I was in college. It did not disappoint. All the roses were in bloom, and there was a huge variety of types and colors. It really is an amazing collection of roses. Huge. My niece said she never thought much of roses until she saw this garden.

Here’s me and mo at the base of a 1000 year old tree in the old growth forest near Blue River Lake east of Eugene.

ericOldGrowth-baseoftree600opt-2013-07-15 14.03.28And who did we see there but the same news crew. At first we didn’t really pay them much attention, but then about halfway across the garden we happened upon them again, this time finishing interviewing a family with three small kids. Knowing the power of the stache, I deliberately trawled near them in case they would notice, and then just passed them by and kind of forgot about them. (kinda). As my niece and I were looking at some amazing grayish lavender roses the interviewer came over and asked to interview us on camera.

I gave her a quick overview of my affinity for Portland, roses, gardening and that I have a degree in horticulture and such, so she would be prepared for talking. And then we “rolled” and the interview went well. She asked me to say in a few words what my impression of the gardens was and I said for anyone who loves roses and gardening it was “the bee’s knees”. Sorry, but that was the phrase that came to mind.

I also gave the interviewer my card for handlebarmoustachelife.com and she was impressed by that, saying to her companions as she walked away, “Handlebar Moustache Life; that’s a story in itself!”

She said it should be on Seattle channel 5 in a week or two and viewable on the web, so I hope I can find it. I’m hoping she calls about the moustache site. Lol.

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