Naked Rebel Winery Gets Your Mo Glowing Naked Rebel Winery Gets Your Mo Glowing
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Rebel Coast Winery Gets Your Mo Glowing

There are four things about these bottles that excite people. Rebels are exciting. Handlebar moustaches are exciting. Glow-in-the-dark labels are exciting. And they have wine in them.

naked rebel winery

UPDATE: They changed the name from Naked Rebel Winery to Rebel Coast Winery this year.

I haven’t tried their wine, but it sure looks like they’ve got great spirit. An added plus is that they say the print on all bottles glows in the dark! I would buy their wine just for that.

“Looking for an eloquent description of our wine? That is something we would have had to learn in private school, so… our wine is red, velvety, and smells amazing.”

What’s the moustache connection?

“Yes, I have had half my Mustache ripped off by a female. Long story, but here is some other stuff about me. I went to Cal Poly because they had a solid wrestling program and was right by the beach. Week one I snuck onto a party bus with my fake ID for a weekend of raging in Santa Barbara. Turns out it was an educational tour doing the “Sideways” movie route. I got to see how winemakers lived, what they did everyday, and where they worked. When I got back (not being impulsive at all), I changed majors, got an internship, and told my wrestling coach “goodbye”. My dad laughed. My mom cried.”

-Chip Forsythe- Winemaker & Professional Cuddler

Some reviews:

Naked Rebel Winery: Irreverant Like a Fox

by Patricia M. Roth | February 14, 2013 | 7:59 AM
I couldn’t resist their wild streak. I liked their fun website and original approach to marketing. After reading this story on SF Gate, I admired their chutszpah. And since Valentine’s Day is all about the bubbles, we’re going to taste Rebel Coast Winery‘s Pink Panda sparkling wine on February 14 here in the office at WBM. Plus, most of us around here do not wear shoes when we don’t have to.

Pink Panda comes in a clear bottle so you can see what a gorgeous color it is. The dancing panda label is outlined in glow-in-the-dark ink, and the winery makes a call to “Help Save Second Base” on its website to publicize that they donate part of Pink Panda’s proceeds to Susan G. Komen for The Cure – showing you don’t have to be a millionaire to support a good cause.

Another Review Here:

Rebel Coast Winery is a young and irreverent operation with job titles like Wine Elf and Margarita Wrangler. Chip and A.J. Forsythe began making wine in college and the rest is history. The mustache motif comes from Chip’s signature handlebar. I’ve never grown mine out quite that far, but it’s always tempting. I opened these about a week before Valentine’s Day with the lovely Julia, and she thought they were hilarious and tasty.

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