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Great Source of Moustache Mugs

A proper moustache mug has a guard to keep your prize moustache from dipping into the drink. This site in England has a nice selection of creative mugs with imaginative designs, but if you want something simpler or even with custom or personalized lettering in it they can do that also.

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“Moustaches aren’t just for Movember, they are a way of life.

“Moustachioed gentlemen enjoy drinking tea as much as the next man. It is a pastime that shouldn’t be concluded with the sensation of wet facial bristles. Yet right now, around the globe, moustaches will continue to be stained – unnecessarily.

“We have the solution – 500 grams of red clay, with a sweet honey glaze. Your bristles are right to twitch in excitement, because from dandy dwellers to fetching fellas there’s sure to be a slipware moustache cup fit for your tache.”

Visit the site at this link.


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