Handlebar Moustache Survey by PW (PapaWhisky) Handlebar Moustache Survey by PW (PapaWhisky)
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Handlebar Moustache Survey by PW

1. How long have you had a handlebar moustache, and what is your history with moustaches?

Currently I am without a handlebar, pic is from two years ago. I trimmed it shortly after the pic was taken and regrew it last year, which I then again trimmed this past March. I will likely regrow shortly. I have had a moustache for well over thirty years, only going to bare upper lip about 3 or four times over the years, usually for a few days with the longest being approx 1 month.

2. What moved you to grow a handlebar moustache? Do any relatives or ancestors have handlebar moustaches?

Have always wanted to try and finally did for the first time 2 years ago. I am the first in my family, to my knowledge, to grow one.

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3. What are some of the reactions of others as you grew your handlebar moustache? What sort of reactions or comments did you get initially from your significant other?

Most other people were very supportive. My wife on the other hand does not mind a small one but hates the larger one I grew last year.

4. What are some of the funny or strange comments others have made about your handlebar moustache over time?

To be honest I do not recall any comments being strange or funny.

5. Has having a handlebar moustache had any effects on your personality/behavior, attitude, self-expression, sense of self?

Not really.

6. What is it in your personality that drew you to growing a handlebar moustache?

I really don’t care what anyone else thinks or like, I do my own thing!

7. Have you been in any moustache contests or attended any such gatherings?

Not as of yet.

8. It takes courage to wear a handlebar moustache. What would you say to those who think you look odd, silly or stupid with it?

That is there opinion and they are entitled to it, and depending one the person and/or comment I just tell them to F… off!

9. What waxes, styling aids or glues to you prefer and why?

I find Clubman works good for me for work. As a military man I require to follow certain guidelines on wearing a moustache. So I just wax the ends give them a tight roll and angle them at about a 45 degree angle. At it’s longest the tips were at the very top of my cheeks just below my eyes. When not in uniform I use a product my wife uses Regis Designline Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner, and it keeps my stache nicley formed with a curl at the ends.

10. What do you think a handlebar moustache does for a man?

Depends on the man.

11. How attached are you to your handlebar moustache and what would it take for you to cut it off or remove the curls and not grow it back?

Well as you have already read I have trimmed off a couple of times, I will not likely grow it and keep it for a long term until I retire from the military.

12. Have you accumulated any moustached merchandise, shirts, mugs or other stuff?


13. Can you recommend some other moustache web sites?


14. All about color: How closely does your moustache match the color of the hair on your head? How many colors are in your moustache? Do you like its color? Have you ever dyed it?

I am dark brown turning salt and pepper (more salt as time goes by). I do not believe in dying my hair head or facial.

15. What would you like to see on handlebarmoustachelife.com?

Not sure although wondering if anyone has “Sleep Apnea ” and uses a CPAP machine? If so which mask do they use and does the stache get in the way?

16. How has having a handlebar moustache affected your love life, dating, and does it interfere with kissing?

No effect.

17. What do you do for a living and what impact do you think your handlebar moustache has with customers, coworkers and superiors?

As stated above in the military 36 years now and when I have the handlebar most are impressed and say they wish they had one as well.

18. Does your handlebar moustache give you any superpowers?

LOL only in my own mind!

19. Eating – neatly – can be a challenge with a larger moustache. Do you have any eating tips, or stories to share? Have you been tempted to remove the HB due to eating issues?

Nothing other than learn to deal with it!

20. Have you ever styled your mustache in a comical manner or specifically for a Halloween costume?


21. What is your preferred style for your handlebar moustache, and do you do a variety of styles?

As stated above.

22. Would you share your location and / or your age?


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