Handlebar Moustache Survey by The Batmark Handlebar Moustache Survey by The Batmark
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Handlebar Moustache Survey by The Batmark

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  1. How long have you had a handlebar moustache, and what is your history with moustaches?

Started growing a mustache in early March to draw attention away from some major dental work. Now 3 months later, no one notices my teeth (or lack there of). Prior to this, I’ve only ever had a short mustache as part of a goatee.

  1. What moved you to grow a handlebar moustache? Do any relatives or ancestors have handlebar moustaches?

Feeling self-conscious about my lack of teeth and the desire to hide my dental difficulties, I wanted a mustache that would
catch the eye. I’ve always thought of the Handlebar mustache as a sign of a man who cares about his

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appearance and wants to make a statement to that effect.

  1. What are some of the reactions of others as you grew your handlebar moustache? What sort of reactions or comments did you get initially from your significant other?

So far, the reactions from my family and friends have been positive. My husband thinks it looks “Hot”.

  1. What are some of the funny or strange comments others have made about your handlebar moustache over time?

My older sister commented that it looked “Dastardly”, but I was “up to no good” when I took the pic she commented on, so I guess that’s fair…

  1. Has having a handlebar moustache had any effects on your personality/behavior, attitude, self-expression, and sense of self?

Pre-mustache, I was a “jeans and tee-shirt” kind of guy… a big kid who didn’t put that much effort into keeping up my appearance, but since I started growing and maintaining my Handlebar, I’ve felt compelled to dress more my age, and act more “manly” and motivated to better myself. I like the man I am becoming with my mustache more than the boy I was before.

  1. What is it in your personality that drew you to growing a handlebar moustache?

Desire to attract attention away from my dental flaws, while highlighting my quirky artistic side.

  1. Have you been in any moustache contests or attended any such gatherings?

No, I’m just a beginner, while impressive; I don’t think I can compete with the epic mustaches of more seasoned handlebar owners.

  1. It takes courage to wear a handlebar moustache. What would you say to those who think you look odd, silly or stupid with it?

Who cares what the naysayers and haters say. I will wear my Handlebar with pride.

  1. What waxes, styling aids or glues to you prefer and why?

Clubman Wax, also found that hair paste works well.

  1. What do you think a handlebar moustache does for a man?

If you don’t handlebar, you’re not a man. A handlebar mustache lets others know a real man is in the room and that all will be well.

  1. How attached are you to your handlebar moustache and what would it take for you to cut it off or remove the curls and not grow it back?

I love my Handlebar, and I have no intention of ever going back to my pre-mustache days. The only way this mustache will come off is if it is tragically damaged while doing something heroically manly for the greater good.

  1. Have you accumulated any moustached merchandise, shirts, mugs or other stuff?

Nope, but my Sister-in-law sent me a couple Handlebar on a stick plushies she crocheted last year.

  1. Can you recommend some other moustache web sites?

I wish…

  1. All about color: How closely does your moustache match the color of the hair on your head? How many colors are in your moustache? Do you like its color? Have you ever dyed it?

My mustache is redder than my dark blond hair on my head.

  1. What would you like to see on handlebarmoustachelife.com?

It’s a great site; keep up the good work…

  1. How has having a handlebar moustache affected your love life, dating, and does it interfere with kissing?

My husband loves it.

  1. What do you do for a living and what impact do you think your handlebar moustache has with customers, coworkers and superiors?

Having a mustache allows me to work confidently with anyone or any situation. “Relax, a man is here to help you.”

  1. Does your handlebar moustache give you any superpowers?

On rooftop high, or alley low, wherever evil dares to grow, may those who stand against what’s right: beware my power, HANDLEBAR MUSTACHE’S MIGHT!

  1. Eating – neatly – can be a challenge with a larger moustache. Do you have any eating tips, or stories to share? Have you been tempted to remove the HB due to eating issues?

Use a straw, and bite size portions, keep a napkin handy…

  1. Have you ever styled your mustache in a comical manner or specifically for a Halloween costume?

Nope, not yet…

  1. What is your preferred style for your handlebar moustache, and do you do a variety of styles?

Still learning and working with what I got… but I like the upward curls weather waxed or not…

  1. Would you share your location and / or your age?

Minneapolis MN USA, 36

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