Handlebar Moustache Survey by PJ Hansen of Montreal, Canada Handlebar Moustache Survey by PJ Hansen of Montreal, Canada
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Handlebar Moustache Survey by PJ Hansen of Montreal, Canada

Here’s the fine moustache of PJ Hansen!

1. How long have you had a handlebar moustache, and what is your history with moustaches?

I’m moving into my fourth month wearing a moustache, much longer than I’ve ever worn a stache. Before this, I’ve grown one just for the Movember charity and shaved it off. I stuck with my Movember stache through December and was pleased to see how quickly it grew some graspable extremities. I’m now a committed handlebar man!

2. What moved you to grow a handlebar moustache? Do any relatives or ancestors have handlebar moustaches?
There are some family pics from the early 20th century — great grandads from the Scottish and Danish side of the family — where most of the men have moustaches and a few have handlebars.

I decided to grow a moustache and keep it longer than Movember after watching a movie with a Hemingway character in it. I’d forgotten how influential his writing style was on me and thought it’d be cool to emulate a great American.

man with a handlebar moustache3. What are some of the reactions of others as you grew your handlebar moustache? What sort of reactions or comments did you get initially from your significant other?

My wife is totally cool with it. She told me the other day it was as if my stache needed to be there my whole life. My kids love it and don’t want me to shave it off. Strangers, the ones who comment, say positive descriptive things like “awesome” or “epic”. Many of my colleagues say little to nothing. I think most think it’s just a phase.

4. What are some of the funny or strange comments others have made about your handlebar moustache over time?

“You look like the quintessential professor”
“You need a pipe”
“Where do you get your wax? I can’t find any”
“You’re going to keep that on your face?”
Yelled from across the subway tracks “Epic Stache dude!”

5. Has having a handlebar moustache had any effects on your personality/behavior, attitude, self-expression, sense of self?

Personally, I’m used to putting myself out there ‘cause I’m a conductor and stage director working in opera. Wearing a waxed and curled handlebar moustache is a big, bold statement. Those of us who take their staches to this extreme are individuals who don’t care what others in this world think, or at least care less about trendy fashions.

6. What is it in your personality that drew you to growing a handlebar moustache?

I’ve been in the theatre for years and love the late 19th c early 20th c periods, particularly Edwardian and Victorian. The HB fits in quite easily. Now I just need more tweed and a few bowlers.

7. Have you been in any moustache contests or attended any such gatherings?

Nope, but would like to attend a meeting if it’s in a pub!

8. It takes courage to wear a handlebar moustache. What would you say to those who think you look odd, silly or stupid with it?

You may think those thoughts but you may not say those thoughts out loud, lest my fist meets thy mouth. Brawls and Boxing used to go with the stache lifestyle.

9. What waxes, styling aids or glues to you prefer and why?

Started with Clubman, moved onto Wacky Tacky, but now prefer Got2BGlued.

10. What do you think a handlebar moustache does for a man?

Gives him a wearable attitude that’s a) hard to ignore and b) eccentric yet exotic

11. How attached are you to your handlebar moustache and what would it take for you to cut it off or remove the curls and not grow it back?

I’d remove it for a role, I’d trim it if it would help it look more awesome, but I’d rather let it grow and mature on its own.

I’ve shaved my head for charity before, so maybe if it raised lots of money I might consider it.

12. Have you accumulated any moustached merchandise, shirts, mugs or other stuff?

I have a comb and now a cool moustache mug!

13. Can you recommend some other moustache web sites?

This one and the forum.

14. All about color: How closely does your moustache match the color of the hair on your head? How many colors are in your moustache? Do you like its color? Have you ever dyed it?

It’s now very multicolored. Brown, blonde, and grey. The grey ones are wiry and hard to tame.

15. What would you like to see on handlebarmoustachelife.com?

It’s a great site, keep it up!

16. How has having a handlebar moustache affected your love life, dating, and does it interfere with kissing?

My wife and I are very happy. There’s a culture of the double cheek kiss up here in Montreal. I don’t like it and frankly having a waxed HB lets me excuse myself from having to do such a terrible thing.

17. What do you do for a living and what impact do you think your handlebar moustache has with customers, coworkers and superiors?

I’m a university professor of music. My wearing a bowtie and this awesome handlebar moustache fits right in!

18. Does your handlebar moustache give you any superpowers?

Gets me the occasional free beer and the baristas at Starbucks remember my name and what I drink every morning.

19. Eating – neatly – can be a challenge with a larger moustache. Do you have any eating tips, or stories to share? Have you been tempted to remove the HB due to eating issues?

I am challenged tremendously by eating fast lunches. My best piece of advice is to carry a pocket knife, cut everything up into small bites (everything from a Big Mac to Sushi), and take your time.

Avoid sandwiches…

I almost shaved it off a few weeks ago after a harrowing lunch meeting with colleagues. I got over it.

20. Have you ever styled your mustache in a comical manner or specifically for a Halloween costume?

I’m looking forward to trying this Halloween.

21. Please suggest a question you would like to see in this survey, and add your answer to it as well “Have you mentored anyone as a new HB wearer?”

I found out via Facebook that my handlebar had inspired a former student to grow his own. He’s even joined the Club and has the tie to prove it.

22. Would you share your location and / or your age?

I’m 48 in Montreal.

Visit my friends at The Handlebar Club Forum

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