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Handlebar Moustache Survey by Chris Winterkorn of VA.

Introducing Chris Winterkorn

1. How long have you had a handlebar moustache, and what is your history with moustaches?:

I started seriously growing my handlebar stache about 6 months ago, I’ve always had some sort of facial hair ever since I could grow it.

2. What moved you to grow a handlebar moustache? Do any relatives or ancestors have handlebar moustaches?:

A friend and I started growing them just for laughs and to wear at parties during the summer months and it literally just grew on me.

3. What are some of the reactions of others as you grew your handlebar moustache? What sort of reactions or comments did you get initially from your significant other?:

My family thought it was ridiculous and “creepy” (which made me love it more) but all my friends and most of my co-workers loved it. My girlfriend calls me her sexy pirate.

4. What are some of the funny or strange comments others have made about your handlebar moustache over time?:
The best story was one day while walking through Wal-Mart with my lady we passed a mother and her, maybe 4 year old daughter. As soon as we past them I heard the daughter almost scream in amazement, “mommy did you see that guys mustache???” I couldn’t help but stop and smile.

5. Has having a handlebar moustache had any effects on your personality/behavior, attitude, self-expression, sense of self?:

It makes me feel good about my appearance, and helps me stand out in a crowd. I work in retail and customers often ask specifically for “the guy with the mustache.”

6. What is it in your personality that drew you to growing a handlebar moustache?:

I’ve always been one to walk my own path away from the social norm. And I love classiness and uniqueness.

7. Have you been in any moustache contests or attended any such gatherings?:

None so far. I was going to enter in one but found out I was exempt from the “styled mustache” category because I do keep a short full beard, so I would have had to enter in “groomed beard” witch didn’t suit my fancy as I was expecting only my mustache to be judged.

8. It takes courage to wear a handlebar moustache. What would you say to those who think you look odd, silly or stupid with it?:

Haters are always gonna hate, but as the old saying goes no press is bad press.

9. What waxes, styling aids or glues to you prefer and why?:

I have been strictly using clubman mustache wax, as that is the only wax available in retailers around me. But have been very, VERY pleased with it despite some bad reviews I’ve read about it online. I just ordered 2 tins of firehouse, wacky tacky wax after searching many sites looking for something new.

10. What do you think a handlebar moustache does for a man?:

I think it’s a distinct visualization of his manliness and individualism.

11. How attached are you to your handlebar moustache and what would it take for you to cut it off or remove the curls and not grow it back?:
Never grow it back….shit it would take a lot like half a million or so and with my problem with authority and rules id probably take my “bribe” then grow it back anyway because well I am a sexy pirate after all.

12. Have you accumulated any moustached merchandise, shirts, mugs or other stuff?:

I have an “I heart mustache” sticker on my car and received a mustache shot glass for Christmas this year.

13. Can you recommend some other moustache web sites?:

Definitely http://handlebarstache.wordpress.com. They have the best selection of mustache wax reviews to help you chose the best one and any of the mustache styling videos on YouTube.

14. All about color: How closely does your moustache match the color of the hair on your head? How many colors are in your moustache? Do you like its color? Have you ever dyed it?:

My mustache matches my hair pretty close.

15. What would you like to see on handlebarmoustachelife.com?:

Maybe some wax reviews or a tips and tricks portion for newbies.

16. How has having a handlebar moustache affected your love life, dating, and does it interfere with kissing?:

I tell my woman she’s the only one allowed to mess up my stache especially with her kisses.

17. What do you do for a living and what impact do you think your handlebar moustache has with customers, coworkers and superiors?:

I work in shipping and receiving at a small department store, but I usually spend at least one hour on the sales floor covering a lunch shift. Most customers love it, my district manager thinks it’s cool and the VP of our district told me I’m “very committed”.

18. Does your handlebar moustache give you any superpowers?:

Oh yes it give the power of man and hypnotizes the ladies.

19. Eating – neatly – can be a challenge with a larger moustache. Do you have any eating tips, or stories to share? Have you been tempted to remove the HB due to eating issues?:

The wax usually keeps everything out of my mouth but while drinking, it’s best not to allow the liquid to dam up on your lip, but more to pour it into your mouth. With hot dogs or other foods with lots of toppings of condiments its best to keep you lip elevated imagine eating it like a snarling dog with full teeth exposed. And when using a napkin always wipe with the flow of your stache from center of the lip to corner of the mouth.

20. Have you ever styled your mustache in a comical manner or specifically for a Halloween costume?:

In the beginning it was all for comical manner but now it’s become a part of me.

22. Would you share your location and / or your age?:

Front Royal, Virginia. 22 yrs. old

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