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Handlebar Moustache Survey by Anders Bratlie of Norway

Thank you, Anders!

1. How long have you had a handlebar moustache, and what is your history with moustaches?

I’ve had me handlebar since approximately late April/early May… Prior to that i was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

2. What moved you to grow a handlebar moustache? Do any relatives or ancestors have handlebar moustaches?

Why a ‘tache? Well.. I thought it would be fun. I’ve got no history with ‘taches

3. What are some of the reactions of others as you grew your handlebar moustache? What sort of reactions or comments did you get initially from your significant other?

People mostly ask me if it’s real (do people seriously wear fake moustaches?) I’ve got no significant others.

4. What are some of the funny or strange comments others have made about your handlebar moustache over time?

Well, people tell me I look like Mario (Super Mario Bros), I’ll take that as a compliment.

5. Has having a handlebar moustache had any effects on your personality/behavior, attitude, self-expression, sense of self?

Nope, not in any major way.

6. What is it in your personality that drew you to growing a handlebar moustache?

I’m a “freak”. I like being different.

7. Have you been in any moustache contests or attended any such gatherings?

Not yet.

8. It takes courage to wear a handlebar moustache. What would you say to those who think you look odd, silly or stupid with it?

Well.. I always look silly, could not care less :)

9. What waxes, styling aids or glues to you prefer and why?

I’ll use a plethora of different waxes.. I’ll use whatever i find appropriate at the time. It all depends on wether I’m going for an English ‘tache or a handlebar.

10. What do you think a handlebar moustache does for a man?

Well, it certainly adds a couple of years (in a good way).

11. How attached are you to your handlebar moustache and what would it take for you to cut it off or remove the curls and not grow it back?

I’m rather fond of it to tell you the truth.. But if Angelina told me she’d marry me if I got rid of it… Well it’d be gone.

12. Have you accumulated any moustached merchandise, shirts, mugs or other stuff? Include web site addresses if you have them so others can take a look.

No merch so far.

13. Can you recommend some moustache web sites if you know any worth mentioning?


14. All about color: how closely does your moustache match the color of the hair on your head? How many colors are in your moustache? Pepper’n’salt? Mad ginger? A bit of everything? Do you like it? Have you ever dyed it?

Me ‘tache is white (as in santa claus) so i’m dying it almost black (colour of me hair)

15. What would you like to see on handlebarmoustachelife.com?

More epic ‘taches

17. How has having a handlebar moustache affected your love life, dating, and does it interfere with kissing?

Since I don’t date I would not really know.

16. What do you do for a living and what impact do you think your handlebar moustache has with customers, coworkers and superiors?

I sell brown goods for a living, i find that the ‘tache actually helps. I look more trustworthy me thinks.

18. Does your handlebar moustache give you any superpowers?

Sure. It gives me superb confidence.

19. Would you share your location?

Hamar (small town) in Norway

20. Please suggest a question you would like to see in this survey, and add your answer to it as well

Should more people grow a ‘tache? (absolutely)

Bonus question by josh: “have you ever styled your mustache in a comical manner or specifically for a Halloween costume?”

Not for Halloween.. But yeah.. I’ve done a “double Dali” for kicks..

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