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Protection of the Handlebar Moustache

Just wanted to share again with you guys a very useful rule for protecting your great looking handlebar moustache. Until you have had enough time for the wild and crazy handlebar moustache you have to become a part of your self-image and get past the various insecurities it brings up you will have days where you don’t like it or even hate it. I assure youthis will pass in a few days.

The dislike is due usually to conscious or unconscious concern about “how you look” which means you are actually worrying about what other people think. News flash: that’s not what a handlebar is about, and not what being a man is about.

Granted, some guys really can’t grow a decent moustache, and some perhaps can’t really carry off a handlbar, but many can. Always be suspicious of “not liking it”. That is the Devil trying to destroy your awesome manhood antennae. You need to say, “Get thee behind me,” and apply the Two Week Rule I came up with when I started to grow out my handlebar.

The rule is that you must not cut it back or off until you have hated/disliked it for two weeks solid. It’s almost certain the mood will pass, and you will receive complements and encouragement as well from others. It took me ten days once to like mine again. I’m very I kept it. My handlebar moustache has added a lot to my life.

I’ve had many days where I just didn’t like it, but sure enough, after a few more I was loving it again. Again, give it time to grow into your identity and self-image. You will enjoy the results.

Hang in there! – Eric

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