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Mustache Party Supplies Make Your Own with Chenille Stems, too.

As you may know I just attended my first mustache party and contest, the Mustachio Bashio at the Silverton Casino last Friday, and it was a lot of fun seeing so many of the people there wearing fake moustaches.

You can also make your own with chenille stems – left (aka craft pipe cleaners). There are dozens of colors, and you can buy mixed packs. Some stores have stems with longer fuzz than usual, and even sparkly ones. Zig zag them to make them bulkier, or use more than one, cut, bend, etc. Here are a couple of samples. Make the pinchable clip like I show so the moustache hangs below the nose.

Here’s a link to one site where you can find a variety of cheap or quality fake moustaches¬†if you want to throw a moustache party for any reason.


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