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Let Me Introduce to You the Handlebar Club and Forum

For some time now I have been privileged to enjoy the online company of some fine gentlemen with fine handlebars at the Handlebar Club Forum web site. There is a wealth of information, and the supportiveness of the community there is very enjoyable. The guys – from all over the world – are knowledgeable and have a nice sense of humor. I urge you to visit and join the forum. The company is really nice, and you can subscribe to threads to get updates by email when there are new posts.

The main forum is all about general moustache conversations. There is another forum for moustache wax and other grooming products and techniques, as well as one for moustache and beard competitions all over the world.

More goes on there than just moustache talk. There are sections of men’s grooming, dress, shaving, hats, sports interests as well as other things. There are a few threads that are in Fun and Games like word association, picture games, story making games and several others.

Along with the forum is its parent web site and organization, the Handlebar Club which has been organized since 1947. They have some very nice picture galleries as well as informative sections on different kinds of waxes and moustache care. The forum is free but the Handlebar Club as a group offers a couple levels of paid membership, as well as a spiffy member’s neck tie with little you-know-whats all over it.

Paid members of the Club meet at the Windsor Castle  Pub at 27-29 Crawford Place, Marylebone, London W1H 4LQ on the first Friday of every month, although you would be welcome at the pub  anytime. I regret that it’s a rather long drive there from Las Vegas or I would stop in and brave their incredulous looks when I say I’ve never tasted beer – and won’t try it as I’m going for a full life span with no beer passing my lips. But I digress.

The Windsor Castle Pub itself is reviewed here, and sounds pretty good, with Thai food and more served as well.

Check out the Forum for sure, and enjoy both web sites. They are definitely a valued presence on the Internet for those of us with extraordinary lip sweaters.


Visit my friends at The Handlebar Club Forum

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