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How Not to Get Sick of Your New Handlebar Moustache

We are all different. Some are more self-conscious, some less; some a bit vain, some not. When new to handlebar moustachery the very different sort of face occupant you now have will draw a lot of attention, including your own. As I mention elsewhere, you may get your ego into it, and your reactions and feelings about your new style may be unduly affected or harmed by your insecurities or pride – or even just your preoccupation with this bunch of fuzz.


It’s kind of hard to avoid looking at something stuck in the middle of your face. Yes, it’s novel and you are rather curious about what it’s doing, what it will do as it grows out, and how it looks. Does it look okay? Is it symmetrical, clean, goofy looking, hot looking, dangerous enough? What style do you want to favor, or what will look good on you. Don’t worry about it. Especially, don’t look at it dozens of times a day. Don’t put a mirror on your desk so you can check it at a glance. Put the mirror in the drawer. Trust your moustache, trust others, trust yourself. Leave it alone. Forget it, even.

If you look at it too much you may get sick of it. When I started my erstwhile project of 365 Days of Moustache, where I was going to take a picture everyday for a year, it quickly became a burden and I started resenting the chore and my moustache. I quickly quit that and just turned it into a casual gallery project with pictures taken and posted at my own leisure. My moustache and I are now talking again.

Also, too much attention belies insecurity and lack of self-definition – wondering/worrying about what others think. If you want to know what they think, ask. Maybe the way you style it doesn’t suit you, but then decide for yourself. Make your own path. Conformity out of fear is not an asset but self-imposed oppression.

It’s not always the moustache you carry, but its always how you carry the moustache.


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