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Have You Named Your Mustache?

Maybe it’s silly, but so what. Silly can be fun and humor is essential. Some guys or their mates have names for their magnificent moustaches. How about you? What about multiple names? I read an article musing about cats, where that author was suggesting that cats have several names; one dramatic and grand, one silly, one only the human caretaker and the cat knows, and one only the cat knows.

Picture of blogger Eric with Handlebar Moustache

Me and Guardian

Maybe that can apply to our “face pets”? Grand, silly, a “human name” like Fred or something, and whatever else you might come up with. A name for the left and the right separately? Post your comments below.

Mine? So far it’s grand name is Guardian. Or is that the silly name?

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  1. I just started to grow mine, and have started with the obvious name of Samson

  2. One name I often use is Wingman. I know several guys that have used my moustache as an icebreaker with a girl. Mr Awesome is another name used because it is all that is awesome. Long live the ‘stache!

  3. I just started growing mine about a month ago. I desided to look up some tips and tricks on grooming and found this site. I would have never thought to name him but love the idea. First thing to come to mind is a little tongue and cheek,General Beardsly

    • Welcome to the world of handlebar moustaches! Good name. And a handlebar moustache certainly holds a commanding position over a beard.

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