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First Rollie Fingers, now Clay Zavada and the Compelling Image of the Handlebar Moustache

It’s undeniable the handlebar moustache has great power. There are few things a man can do in grooming, short of lipstick and nail polish, that will have so much punch as a good handlebar mustache. We are pretty sure neither of these men in baseball have or will tried those grooming options. Their handlebars certainly stand out. Clay is or was with the Diamondbacks as of last year – I don’t follow Baseball. I wish him well in his career, simply because of his ‘stache.

I think Rollie Finger’s full circle curls were a bit over the top, but maybe I’m just still chicken. I’ve vowed not to cut my curls until New Years, the 6 month point for my growth, and I may go to my birthday in March or a full year and see what comes of this mouth monster / nose neighbor I’ve got going.

Read the moustache-fan article the pic came from here.

Clay Zavada of the Diamondbacks

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