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Moustache Gallery: Psychadelic Close-up

I wisely stopped a the first test of this effect. I probably could have spent hours playing with this effect. Yeah, its the same source image from yesterday, but it was pretty cool effect. I like the close up of the curl and how it makes you see it in a different context.

One may wonder where is the border between art and just messing around with photo effects. I believe art is ultimately about getting people to see things in different ways. Monet and Picasso used the filter of their minds to produce their art, honed by their personalities and skills for decades. I clicked a button and applied a filter of algorithms developed by nerds, honed by their programming skills developed over years. I prefer art that takes personal skill and effort and concept. While this image is more graphic than art, there skill in there somewhere. As they say, art is in the seeing.



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