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Moustache Gallery Item 3: Shower Fresh

The Mou, all doused, damp and dangling.

Yes, I use shampoo on it, not soap. I only use organic soaps and shampoos, but not all are great. Aubrey Organics is my favorite shampoo. I tried a cheaper organic shampoo from Whole Foods, their own brand, and it was crap. The Mou is too wiry to be affected, though.

picture of eric and unstyled moustache after a shower

My expression is more of trying to get a good picture than anything else.

If I’ve had it glued in curls over night even washing in a hot shower won’t take the curl out.

Interesting graphic effect from Corel PhotoPaint below. Looks like my whole body is made of course hair. Like the moustache was so awesome my body and apartment walls all converted to hair.

I wonder if I could draw it by hand.

I wonder if I could draw it by hand.


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