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Moustache Gallery Item 2: Curlers in Bed

I know this isn’t any major amazing thing to look at, but it’s a bit of fun playing with image effects.

My camera distorts the image in closeups spherically, meaning the center of the image is enlarged. It was making my nose look huge so I tried to compensate for it in Corel PhotoPaint using the Pinch/Punch effect. The default was 100%, whatever that meant, but it was a funny surprise. Below you will see the funny version and the “official” version.

distorted image of eric's moustache

No, this is the distorted one.

Below what I mean it to look line (still too close), with the subject of just having put just the tips in curls for bed so it doesn’t get mashed up while I sleep. This really helps it keep a neater curl without fixative the next day. If you do this use a non-greasy wax.

moustache in curls for be

Moustache put in curls for bed time.

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