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Moustache Gallery Item 1: Half Portrait

Originally I was going to take a picture of my moustache every day for a year, but after a week realized it was going to be a lot of work, so I’ve cut it back to at one or more a week. (UPDATE: didn’t keep up with this project. lol). I will aim to make them interesting with photoshop and other effects and/or by styling or “decorating” it in real life (for fun or holidays) or with the context or comments or text. I will also be adapting some of the results to tshirts if they are good enough.

365mou-oct032010halfface470By the way, my life doesn’t revolve around my moustache; I’m just abundantly creative naturally and am enjoying this new hobby.

Plus it will witness to the growth and evolution of my moustache over time. While it looks “complete” the hair is about 40% of the length I will consider full grown, meaning the hair in the center reaches into the hooks by at least an inch so it can be affixed there. Its about 1.25 inches long (3 cm) now, and that’s the growth since I stopped cutting it July 7, 2010, at which point it was about 1 cm long.



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