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Video: Styling a Handlebar Moustache with Glue Stick – Updated

My first youtube video! Explaining how to use glue stick to groom your moustache, as an alternative to waxes. It washes out easily, so not ideal if you get wet or in cool/cold weather where your breath will condense on your moustache, but superior to wax in many ways under dry conditions. More instructions and info below the video.

Glue stick goes on as a smooth paste to coat the hair. Don’t apply a lot, but if you use too much you can wash it all out easily. Coating the hair fresh it isn’t that sticky but will become more and more tacky. Comb it into place quickly and shape it with your fingers before it starts to lose tackiness, then hit it with a blow dryer to firm it up.

Read also the post with video about Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue. Glue stick will soften a bit over the course of the day from the moisture in your breath, where Aleene’s won’t so much, but with either choice the curls will be rock hard, so much so you can sleep on them or flick them hard with your finger with no damage. The curls will take a few minutes soaking to wash the glue out, but the body of the moustache will wash clean fast.

By the way, with any glue, don’t use paper napkins to wipe your mouth while eating as you can get paper lint stuck in the glue if it gets damp from your food. Dry glue will not pick up lint, so it’s safe to blow your nose on a paper tissue, just use normal precautions to keep your nose’s contents out of your moustache. I carry a cotton handkerchief. They are very cheap at the dollar store.

NOTE: ┬áIf using UHU brand glue stick always use the purple glue as the white version has a nasty, artificial fruity smell that won’t go away. The purple color will vanish in a minute or three. Avery brand glue stick is fine in white or purple.



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  1. I have been growing my mustache for about 6 months now and it is finally long enough to actually curl. I just found your blog and am enjoying it immensely. Please keep posting, I am sure there are many like me who need advice from the experienced.

    I mainly use Firehouse Mustache wax and find that it works well. I tried Club Men but was not impressed. I am going to give the glue stick a try. Thanks for the blog!


  2. Eric, I been growing a mustache for almost 3 months now. The sides kept falling down, even with a tacky mustache wax. I was just trying to hold the sides in a horizontal fashion, flared as opposed to twisted. I tried Elmer’s washable school glue stick (only one I could find) based on your video. It is purple when one puts it on, but then dries clear.

    Today is the first time the sides have stayed in place. It reminds me of my mother’s hairnet spray that she used to keep her hair in place long ago. Anyway, without your idea of using a glue stick, I would still have droopy sides. Who would have ever thought of a glue stick as the way to hold a mustache? What a great idea. It always pays to do research and check with the experts (you) when embarking on something one has not done before.

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