Video: Style Your Handlebar Mustache with Aleene's Glue - Update - Handlebar Moustache Life Video: Style Your Handlebar Mustache with Aleene's Glue - Update - Handlebar Moustache Life
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Video: Style Your Handlebar Mustache with Aleene’s Glue – Update

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How to use Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue for your moustache. This is my favorite product. It goes on fast and holds its shape all day, and washes out easily. Being water based it may not be good for cool or cold weather where your breath will condense on the moustache, or in the rain and such. Haven’t yet heard how it is in humid climates, but try it and let me know. I like Aileen’s glue MUCH better than Got2Be glued. Others have reported they were very pleased with using this glue on their moustaches. Give it a try. More info and instructions below the video. (Also consider using glue stick per my other video post. Great as well, and has some other styling advantages.)

A comment at “After watching this video I went out and bought some of this glue and all I have to say is WOW!!! It really does work. My mustache is so hard to style in a nice curl. This stuff is AMAZING I wont be going back to using Clubman wax again because it never held. Thank you for this awesome tip!”

Another think I like about glues is they allow more versatility in styles. Because they coat the hair when quite soft you can use more open, combed styles. I prefer an open, brushy curl so I just use enough glue or glue stick to make the hair tacky so the free hairs will stick to each other where they cross. In this instance there is only a trace of glue in the curls but it’s helping them hold the structure of the curl. I can put the glue on and use a comb to sweep it out or up in a feathered flare if I like, which gives a softer and less intense impression than a hard curl. My strong natural curls form a ring now when I do a solid curl and I’m not really into that look, a la Rollie Fingers’ famous picture.

I’m preferring the Aleene’s clear gel tacky glue now for its stability when exposed to humid breath all day. It seem’s to have a shorter tacky period, though, which would make it less useful for some styles. The glue stick has its advantages in that sense as it goes on as a paste where the Aleene’s is a thick liquid. I suggest you experiment with them both and find your applications. They are very cheap. The Aleene’s was under three dollars at Walmart, and dollar stores often have packs of glue stick, even Avery brand.

I usually have nothing on my moustache now that it’s longer, but I’ve use Aileen’s off and on. It’s crystal clear and goes on easily and quickly, dries flexible but stiffer in the curls where there is more. In solid curls dries fairly  hard and requires a few minutes soaking in a hot shower to remove completely, like glue stick.

You will want to experiment with amounts but I apply about one large drop per side with a finger. Comb through the hair to distribute evenly. Try not to get it on your skin as it will dry to a shiny skin and peel off and look like a big flake. It’s non-toxic – so no worries, and doesn’t have an unpleasant odor and no odor when dry.

Don’t put too much on. Shape it carefully to avoid globs or clumps, then when you have what you want, hit it with the blow dryer to set it. It makes the hair shiny and a touch darker, as if it were wet, but doesn’t really look wet.

Aleen’s may suffer some structural damage if abused when dry as it’s a sort of soft glue like white glue when in moist environments. Pulling apart the hairs or combing too late may cause visible shreds of glue and you would have to start over. Once dry it seems pretty tough, though. Also, I have been able to sleep with it on and have no major damage by morning. Same with glue stick.

It doesn’t dry as hard as white school or craft glue like Elmer’s but I think that is better. Elmer’s doesn’t have the same tackiness and seems to bead up on the hair, whereas the Aleene’s coats the hair nicely.

By the way, with any glue, don’t use paper napkins to wipe your mouth while eating as you can get paper lint stuck in the glue if it gets damp from your food. I carry a cotton handkerchief. They are very cheap at the dollar store. Dry glue will not pick up lint, so it’s safe to blow your nose on a paper tissue, just use normal precautions to keep your nose’s contents out of your moustache.

Aleen’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue works great. If any, I’ve only seen very minor structural degradation in the course of a day, but it was not noticable, and Aleen’s has better durability overall than with glue stick. It looks very nice. No “fanging” that you can get when wax sags. Glue stick can soften with the breath more than this glue and will loosen up a bit. I even abused it gently with my fingers once and found it still held up well, but on some tiny bits the glue peeled from the hair and looked like minor bits of lint, but it  wasn’t really noticeable, and it washed it out in two minutes with plain water.


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