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Using Glue Stick to Style Your Handlebar Moustache

Good Lord! I’m known in the Handlebar Club forum for promoting the use of glue stick and Aleene’s clear gel Tacky glue for moustache grooming as an alternative to regular waxes. Yet I was a bit startled when, looking online for an image of glue sticks to use for this post when I found a picture of myself among the image results!

That is really weird. I am now glue stick. Oh well, on with the show…

Different brands of glue stick will have different qualities and even drying times. Try Avery or UHU Purple. I have never had a short drying time as some have with other brandsand I live in a very dry climate of Las Vegas. Usually the curl takes a while to harden, and I often use a blow dryer to firm it up so it doesn’t shift on me.

Some guys with curly hair have to fight corkscrewing as the curls get longer. Mine will gradually move forward also. What I do is just bend the screw back in the other direction as the glue or wax hardens with the help of a blow dryer, then I have compensation for it. You can’ t usually do this with wax, but glue stick works great.

Glue stick dries very hard in the curls (a bit more flexible in the body of the moustache if not applied thickly) so it can be used to force curls or force straightness. When I did my English style I used glue and just held it out straight while using a blow dryer on low to harden the glue. As it dries it becomes bendable and you could – and I do – bend the curls to the tightness or openness that I want. Once fully dried it stays there – for days if I let it. I can even sleep on it with no damage. To make your curls I suggest you apply the glue enough to stick the hairs together well, then partly dry it with a blow dryer on low, then as it starts to behave more like bendable wire shape it into the curls you want, then harden it the rest of the way with the warm air.

Glue is definitely a one pass application. You won’t have much success if you apply glue over glue and will have a mess if you reapply when the first try is only partly dry. Once it dries it doesn’t like to play anymore. Sometimes you can use slightly wet fingers to make clumps disappear, but if it’s wrong you do have to start over .

Again, these glues wash out fairly easily in plain water, but if you have enough in the curls to hold them together then it may take five minutes of massaging to dissolve the embedded glue and get the hairs apart. I usually work on this in the shower. You don’t need soap to get the glues out as they are water based.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, glue and glue stick may not be so great for humid climates, and certainly not if your moustache gets wet in the rain or whatever. Or tea, coffee, beer, milk, soda. I usually use a drinking bottle with a built-in hinged sipping straw-like thing, and don’t drink  tea, coffee, beer, milk, soda, etc.  Also, I don’t usually use glue on the middle/body of the moustache, so if it gets dunked, no damage is done.

Search this web site for more bits on grooming and using glue stick, and look at my youtube video on it also. I hope this helps.

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