Review for Wicked Cookie Duster Moustache Wax Remover & Conditioner Review for Wicked Cookie Duster Moustache Wax Remover & Conditioner
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Product Review for Wicked Cookie Duster Moustache Wax Remover & Conditioner

As many of you know, moustache wax is not easy to get out. It’s consistency is by design thick and sticky – and waterproof. Some “waxes” like Bounders and Clubman which contain some water are technically something of a pomade, and will be a bit easier to wash out.

Wicked Cookie Duster Moustache Wax Remover & ConditionerBut waxes won’t do wash out easily. They are usually combinations variously containing bee’s wax, petrolatum, lanolin and small amounts of oil. They are great if you live in wet climates because of their water resistance. Firehouse even had a video where a man swims underwater and comes up with his handlebar moustache completely intact. So that’s why we need stuff like this product.

I myself tend to use water-based products like glue stick or Got2b Glued as waxes don’t hold shape well in our hot Las Vegas climate, but I do use wax now and then for variety.  As many of you know, part of the fun of having a handlebar moustache is the products. We have our favorite combs, and use a variety of waxes, sometimes two kinds at a time for different parts of the mo. Then it comes time to get the wax out. Or not. Because it’s a bother

Some men leave the wax in for two or more days, maybe adding a bit more now and then for maintenance. But it has to come out someday. Scrubbing with soap has been our recourse in many cases, but not easy or pleasant. So here comes Wicked Cookie Duster Moustache Wax Remover & Conditioner to the rescue.

This product by western Massachusetts creators Petal Pusher Fancies is a pleasant smelling oil mix designed to soften the wax easily and pleasantly, and it does that very well. They sent me a sample with the prizes for Handlebar Moustache Life’s Moustache May Online Contest. I was a bit concerned about fragrances as this spring my allergies have been up more than usual, but I was very pleased that they smartly scented the product with a touch of cinnamon oil which hasn’t bothered me at all during testing. Main ingredients are Sweet almond oil, Sesame oil and a touch of Steam River Rum Oil. I don’t quite know what that last one is, but it sounds great and Petal Pushers uses it in several of their products.

Additionally, cinnamon oil has antibacterial properties. “Cinnamon essential oil is considered a warming remedy, stimulating digestion and circulation, while supporting the immune system and relieving aches and pains.” Its a potent antioxidant, and the wonderfully rich aroma is also considered by some as a sexual stimulant [reference]. “Cinnamon boosts the activity of the brain and hence acts as a good brain tonic. It helps in removing nervous tension and memory loss. Research at the Wheeling Jesuit University in the US has proved that the scent of cinnamon has the ability to boost brain activity. The team of researchers led by Dr. P. Zoladz found that people who were administered with cinnamon improved their scored on cognitive activities such as attention processes, virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual-motor response speed [reference].”

Well, that’s hard to beat! Suave, smart, sexy and healthy!

How to use it: Put a few drops of the oil in your fingers and massage through the waxed parts of your moustache, massaging gently. I found it softened the wax fairly quickly as I pressed it through. The hairs gradually came apart and the wax mixed with the wonderfully scented oil to become something more like a thicker oil or lotion. I then, as directed, washed it out in the sink with a few applications of a shampoo I had handy. Be sure to use the shampoo on your hands also as the thickened oil will be on them also.

After two or so goes with the shampoo I rinsed and towel dried my moustache. An hour later it still feels very nicely conditioned by traces of the oil and maybe some dissolved wax. The scent remaining is actually a mix of the shampoo and a bit of the cinnamon oil from the product. The maker says you can add a touch of the oil as conditioner any time to the moustache. I haven’t done that just yet, but I like the result as is, so far. My moustache is rather curly on its own, and right now the curls have survived the washing much better than usual, extending out in nice spirals (it’s rather long). If feels nice as well. With a trace of oil/wax residue the hair color seems a touch richer.

Disadvantages? I can only think it would be if you were sensitive to cinnamon oil, and it’s probably a good idea not to get any up your nose. Do be sure to wipe the oil from the outside of the bottle if it drips while dispensing. Keep some tissues handy. And if you really wanted to get the last bit of oil from your moustache you could resort to Dawn dish liquid, but the scent and conditioning effect are nice and the dish soap would remove that and dry the hair to frizzies.

I say give it a try. It runs 10.95 for 4 ounces. It’s a pleasant addition to the grooming rituals of the real men who have handlebar moustaches. Their web site is also very beautiful, and they have a bunch of great products crafted for men and women.

You can find it HERE.

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