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Updated: Handlebar Grooming Part 1 – Training and Shaping

We all have different hair types. My mustache hair is pretty wiry, but generally behaves well and gives me a nice natural curl. In fact, I have a hard time waxing to a straight point. Your hair may be finer or straighter, sparser or more densely populated. Everyone will be different. Don’t regret what you have, just work with it and adapt to create a style that is uniquely yours. Don’t wish your moustache was like someone other guy’s. Honor yourself. It is what it is. I’ve saw a picture of a blond guy with a sparely populated moustache of fine blond hair he had grown out to a waxable two inch curl that looked great. It’s not so much the moustache but how you carry it.

moHedgeMazeOptsmallGrowing it out: Be aware that your moustache will take some time for all the hairs to grow out to their full length. Early on it may not be so thick, but will thicken up some. If you are starting from bare skin it may take three months to thicken up. If you inspect it you will find some short hairs that have cut ends. These are the ones that were already mature when you stopped cutting it, and they will fall out eventually and then start growing again. Depending on the natural length of your mustache hair it may take many months for the whole team to be on the field at once.

a pair of scissors

Scary Thing

Trimming: Some men feel to trim a moustache is a cardinal sin. Or at least a bishop sin. As it grows out you will have times when you want to clip. Be patient and give it time to expand and show you what you have to work with. Don’t let your early obsessiveness and assumptions get the better of you. Your personal preference may be to have short curls, but I suggest you just let it keep on growing for starters and see how long it gets and what it does. You may have a prize-winning mega-moustache hiding in our follicles and you will never find out if you trim it. While you may have some other idea of what will look right on you, it is a thing of courage to brave looking a bit odd for a few months just to see what there is to see.

Warning: You Cannot Easily Even it Out!┬áMany men have discovered that trying to trim your moustache to even it out left to right is a very slippery slope to destruction. A little off here, a little off there, and next thing you know you have a mini-moustache that looks bad anyway. Just let it grow. Most men find that the left side is thicker than the right, and maybe one side grows longer than the other.┬áDon’t worry about it. In time, it will bulk up. And it’s very important to remember that your moustache looks better to others than it does to you. You may style it and know it’s lopsided or whatever, and then someone says, “Your moustache is amazing!” See? Don’t worry. They don’t know what they are looking at, and you know too much.

watchYourStepSignI also recommend not trimming at the edge of the upper lip. For one thing, it can give an odd shape to your mo where the trimmed edge meets the curl at the side, which is not trimmed, leaving a sort of sudden hook hanging down. This will depend on your own hair growth pattern.

A lot of guys new to a longer mo will be bothered by the hairs tickling the lips, but I assure you that you will not even notice it after a while. As far s it goes regarding getting the hairs in your mouth, especially while eating, you will just get used to it. It’s not such a big deal. If you use product like Got2be Glued you can keep the hair in order and our of your mouth. Most don’t find actual moustache wax is all that good for this purpose as it tends to break apart and form “fangs” that get in your mouth anyway. Just brush them aside.

Training? Some guys in the forums say just keep brushing it to the side and it will come to grow that way, but I don’t think that is based on science. You need to shape it deliberately most of the time. This is best done fresh out of the shower or after soaking your mo by pressing it into a wash cloth sopping with hot tap water for a minute or so. The softer hair is easier to set in a particular bend.

blowdryerOpt375The right half of my left side wants to grow toward the right, so I push it to the left when softened after a shower and hit it with the blowdryer to set the bend in the hair. And while my mo has a strong curl, after washing it is going in all directions. So I massage the curl back into its proper orientation, wrap it around a finger and hit it with the heat. Works great. This should also add some curl to a less curly mo. I can get my curls pretty tight if I want to.

You may also get a few hairs that are not team players. They go off in their own direction. Give them time rather than cutting them. I’ve found they will often find their way back on track after a few weeks or when they become long enough to wax down securely. Then their uniqueness will be added to the collective….

That being said, if a mature hair is suddenly sticking out in an odd direction, it could be a dead hair that has rotated in the follicle. It may come out of you pull on it gently, but if you feel any pain, it isn’t dead.

So there you have that part of handlebar moustache grooming. Be sure to read the other several posts in this category. Thanks for stopping by.

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