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Luke Asks for Advice on Styling a New Handlebar Moustache

Luke from Connecticut asks:

“I have a certain length I like my handlebar mustache to be before it becomes unmanageable (although I’m thinking of really letting it get to where yours is) usually trimmed in the middle and longer on the sides. Do you have any advice on where to go or how to do it? It always seems too blunt at the ends after i trim it? Thanks, yours looks awesome by the way. Fuller is better.”

Eric’s Answer: Thanks, Luke. I’ve been letting mine grow since about July 1, 2010 and the only cutting I’ve done is for evenness at the tips, or any hairs that are much longer than all the others. One reason for growing it out is to see what it will do, which is why I started this handlebar moustache. Another for me is the moustache contest this Nov 19 at the Silverton Casino here in Las Vegas. If it weren’t for these reason I probably would have cut it back a bit.

450 degree curl, Nov 7, 2011.

Where it stands now is, with tacky glue and natural curls, the tips end at half way up the outside curl. That means a 450 degree spiral (90 more than 360). This is not really to my liking and I may trim it back to 180 degrees from the bottom of the curl, which means trimming it at the top of the curl exactly. Not sure yet, but usually I don’t use any wax or glue.

That said, there are other ways to style your longer moustache. How long you let yours grow and how you can and like to style it will also depend on your natural curl or lack of curl, or how easy you can get a curl you like – if you want a curl. For me it’s difficult now to get a symmetrical English style due to length with just wax, so I use glue stick for English or to do larger curls. I can do what I call “longhorns” where the curl is stretched out into a long wave, but that’s a pretty extreme look. Your natural curl and likes will influence what you keep for length at the sides.

The ever popular double curl.

Re the bluntness of fresh cut ends: it is a truth that most people will not notice what you consider an imperfection in your handlebar moustache. Perhaps it is because they will be blinded by it’s awesomeness. lol. Don’t worry, and in a few days the hairs will grow at their differing rates and any bluntness will be gone.

My recommendation for a new handlebar moustache is to let it all grow out, including the middle. Don’t trim over the lips. Main reason: to see what it will do and if you like it that way. You will never know until you let it grow. I think a full-bodied moustache looks awesome.

Another reason is that the fuller growth there will blend with the shape of your moustache and ease into the curl, as well as maybe add something to it’s bulk. If you trim the middle you may have a more abrupt change to the longer curl part at the sides. Be aware that it may take months for the middle to be full grown. Mine took about  6 months to have no hairs with cut ends and reach its max thickness. Everyone’s stache will grow at different rates, lengths, thicknesses, curl, etc.

“But I don’t like the hairs in my mouth.” Honestly, after a few months you won’t even notice them touching your lips, and if you wax or glue (better in my opinion) they won’t get in your mouth anyway.

If anyone has more questions, feel free to write me.

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