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How to Grow a Handlebar Moustache

There’s one simple step:

1. Stop trimming it.

There are a few sites that address the “how to” but really there is no “how to”. More to the point is what to expect while it’s growing in, and how to keep yourself from cutting it off.

First and most importantly I want to stress that as your moustache grows out you will have days where you can’t stand it and feel impelled to cut it back or shave it off. DON’T. DO NOT CUT IT! You are getting used to something that is rather different. Ask yourself why you don’t like it. mou-curlsnoglasses520s-300x224If you are frustrated, just give yourself more time. If you are being self-conscious, be a man and define yourself instead of worrying about what people think. Fact is, most people judge you for something anyway, and so what. Everyone has something “judgable”.

My rule is I have to hate my moustache for two weeks straight before I will cut it back or off. I’ve found my disaffected periods last up to four days, then I’m back to loving it.

Just as you will find yourself looking in the mirror a dozen or two times a day for the next six months, you will be adjusting to the care and presence of your mustache. It will intrude. It will tickle. It will look odd. It will get messed up. It will get in your mouth. It will get in your food. Your food will get in it. Your girl or guy will complain.

You will need time to let it shape up and grow out and to figure out how you want it to look. As all the hairs don’t grow at the same time it will take a while to reach its full thickness. You will need time to find the right wax or other product to shape it. You will learn not to care what others think – to be your own man.

And just as you will have days where you hate it, you will have even more days that you will love it. Having a handlebar mustache will teach you to be more independent in your thinking, more tolerant of slight or not so slight “oddness” in others, and a bolder individual.

Meanwhile, as your moustache is creeping toward awsomeness, what to do?

Depending on how your moustache hair grows in you will come to points of choice. I haven’t trimmed mine at all since I stopped cutting it in early July 2010 and now it’s Nov 2010. It appears there are very few hairs left that have cut ends, so I’m on the last leg, waiting to see how long they get. It looks like most of the hairs in the body of mine are about 1 to 2 inches long, although I thought they got longer than that when I had a hb back in the mid 1980s. It may grow more. You will probably find your hairs grow mostly under 2-3 inches in the body of the moustache, but those toward the corners of the mouth will grow longer. How long will depend on you.

Trim or no trim? I’m letting mine grow out, and that is giving me a bulkier moustache body, which I like. You may prefer to trim all but the curls. What about the part? Some guys clip the bit just above the center of the upper lip in a little wedge, maybe 5 millimeters or less, to help the halves separate, but don’t shave out the middle or it will look odd.

As it grows out you will of course find your moustache hairs want to play in your food and drinks. That’s just part of having a moustache, no big deal. I recommend you carry a cotton cloth handkerchief to pat it dry. Paper napkins and tissues can leave lint if you use wax.

And you will probably want to use wax to keep it more or less controlled. In my experience waxes don’t hold as well as I would like. If you trim the body you wont need wax really but for the curls, but may I suggest you let the whole thing grow to experience what God gave you and see what you can do with it. Be patient.

You want curls? Maybe your hair doesn’t curl naturally. You can use a curling iron on an unwaxed moustache it’s long enough, but be careful you don’t burn your face or hair. Others use small, home-made curlers of sorts. But of you can’t find an easy, quick way you may not want to bother curling it. It’s great to have a straight, English style handlebar moustache. Curls aren’t necessarily better.

What kind of wax? You might try Clubman, which is water washable, but many guys say they gladly dumped it for the likes of Firehouse or Hndlebar which are waterproof which may feel very slightly greasy, especially in warm weather. Experiment to see what you like. And what you like may change as your moustache changes.

Styling options will increase as time goes on. Your hair may be straight, curly or fuzzy and that will determine some of your options. Mine has a nice curl in it but I can’t get it to wax to a straight English tip at all. Sometimes I wear no wax at all and kind of like that. It’s a bit less dramatic. Other times I will wax the body but leave the curls fuzzy and loose, or flare the hairs outward, or do the full schmear and give it a neat and fully controlled and formal shaped styling with sharply defined curls. I’m lucky I can do so much. You may have fewer or other options because of how your hair grows in. Love it for what it is. There is no better moustache than yours. You are unique.

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  1. What an encouraging article! I really appreciate the information and support you have given, as I have just begun growing a mustache. It truly can be frustrating.


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