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How to Get Your Handlebar Moustache to Curl When It Won’t

We are given what we are given for our moustaches, but styling aids let us do more. I am blessed with strong curls, but sometimes I want a different effect. There are men who have mostly straight hair in their moustaches, and they may want to sport some fancy curls. Below are some ideas for how to get your mo to do what you want.

365mou-007-oct092010curlpsychadelic1-4703For curling your tips, there is a challenge if you don’t have natural curls, so I would suggest a fixative that hardens more than regular wax, unless you can find a really stiff wax. I use glue stick on my natural curls to get them to do something other than curl as they want. If I want more open curls or straight prongs for an English style, I use Avery glue stick, or UHU (purple is better), although there are other brands that are good. It will hold your tips in solid bundles, meaning no brushed openness unless you work it right and have naturally curly hair.

Another option is also to use a curling iron, which sounds a bit scary so close to your skin. I have not used one, having natural curls, but others do use such with some success. You want to be very careful not only with your skin but also that you don’t burn your moustache hair, as it can become brittle. If you go this route, don’t just use any curling iron. Find one with a low temperature setting for safety and caution, as well as a protective tip on the end so you don’t end up burning your face.

Glue stick is cheap and dries hard as rock, but washes out in a few minutes. You may have good results with got2be glued also, but it goes on as a cream, whereas glue stick goes on as smooth paste and is easier to shape in some ways.

When I am shaping my graspable extremities I apply the glue stick to them alone usually, as glue stick isn’t the best for the middle/pringle. You would get clumping in the middle and that’s not ideal. You seem to like using multiple products, so you might experiment with wax in the middle and glue stick on the tips.

When you have a good but not excessive application of glue stick start to shape your curl and use low heat blow dryer to dry the fixative when the curl is in the shape you want. The product will go on as a creamy paste and will get stickier as it dries, then will lose its stickiness. As it dries the curl will let you shape it like bending a wire, then it will be less and less cooperative as it becomes fully dry.

Another thing I like about glue stick and got2be glued is that they coat the hairs and make them sticky like masking tape is sticky, and that lets you do more open styles than a wax will. Waxes are great, but there are things you can’t do with them, one being my preferred style of a brushed-open curl. I apply the product as if for a solid curl but then run a fine comb through it to separate the hairs again, then poke and nudge and pat them into position. See the picture on the top of the home page for an example.

I hope this helps you in your curling and straightening endeavors with your moustache.


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