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Handlebar Moustache Style Alternative I’ll Call “Longhorns”

I like to experiment with moustache styles and found this variation amusing. Recently, I posted my English style, which a lot of people online and in person liked. The Longhorns is something I haven’t seen yet on anyone; sort of a partial English. I did this using glue stick, which goes on as a paste and dries hard as rock (washes out easily).  I held all but the tips straight out to the sides until dry. Do one side at a time and use a blow drier. Take your time as you don’t want to fry your moustache hair. My moustache is naturally curly, so the tips were very cooperative. As the glue gets harder just bend it more into the shape you want.

You will read here that I’m rather partial to glue stick over wax. I can’t get the styles I want with wax, and I can sleep on a glued moustache with no damage. Read some of my other articles and I have a couple videos here also.

Here’s a little … er… inspiration?

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