Eleven Tips on Growing a Moustache for Movember Eleven Tips on Growing a Moustache for Movember
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Eleven Tips on Growing a Moustache for Movember

Movember is about two things:

  1. Raising awareness of men’s health resources to detect and prevent male genital cancers.
  2. Raising awareness of men’s upper lip resources to prevent horribly disfiguring ordinariness by growing a moustache like a man, and then growing it out into a REAL moustache, yes, a handlebar moustache!

What to do?

You are a man. You have an upper lip. Your upper lip serves several important purposes, one of which is to display your manliness with a moustache. If you can’t grow much of a moustache due to genetics, you probably aren’t reading this and will have by now found other ways to be manly.

You are a man. You have genitals. Your genitals serve several purposes, one of which is to NOT KILL YOU. This is what Movember is about.

This is what I look like without a moustache. Not very manly.

This is what I look like (age 3) without a moustache. Not very manly.

That and getting you to grow an awesome moustache.

So what do you do in Movember?

If you have a moustache, you grow it longer, and when people ask about it – even when they don’t – you tell them about men’s genital health resources.

If you don’t have a moustache, the idea is that suddenly growing one will get people you know to ask you what’s up. It’s a conversation piece, and the conversation is to help men learn to take action to accomplish early detection of any cancers that can affect the testicles or prostate, and then of course to get proper medical attention.

Tips on Growing a moustache for the first time.


  1. Of course, courage. You will face a few negative comments, but so what. Be persevering and confident in yourself and your choice to stand out, even if just for Movember. Changing your image can be a growing experience. And remember you are doing it to give yourself opportunities to tell others about men’s health resources.
  2. Don’t worry about how your moustache looks. Every man has different hair growth. Some have a lot of hair per square inch, some have thicker hair, faster growing hair and so forth. Yours will be yours.
  3. What if it looks thin? Be patient. A moustache takes time to thicken up. Not all the hairs are growing at the same time. Some have just started, some have just stopped, some are growing as they do. My moustache took 6 months to reach its full thickness and length in the main body of it. Even if you intend to not grow a handlebar moustache (when will you learn?) it will take a few months to thicken up.
  4. Washing it? Just wash as you would your face. Until you get more length, you don’t need special shampoos or whatever. Do avoid skin preparations that are harsh or have peroxide in them for treating acne as they can damage the hairs.
  5. Your moustache looks better than you think. Or will when it gets past the caterpillar stage. What if it looks like a porn-stache? Just wink knowingly if anyone comments, and say, “Yeah, Baby!” So what if they comment. Most men growing a new mo find that when it gets long enough to curl a bit at the tips – 2-4 months – the negative comments turn to praise. Brave the gauntlet and win the prize! And again, if they say it looks bad, you can say, “It’s a lot better than not knowing about male genital health resources. For instance….”
  6. Try not to obsess, especially if you are going handlebar. Once you turn the corner and start getting curls you will be amazed at how much of your attention will be drawn to your mo. Same with other people. It’s natural to be fascinated by the fascinating, awed by the awesome, but try to control yourself. lol
  7. It’s an observed fact that men with moustaches, especially in the first year or so, will touch their moustaches scores of times a day. Is this bad? Some think this transfers bacteria to the skin that can cause acne, but I disagree based on experience, and so do many others. In fact, one reason I have always had a moustache since I was 21 is that I get acne on my upper lip if I shave it bare, due to cut hair roots lingering too long in the follicles. Your upper lip, being strategically positioned between your nostrils and your mouth, already has plenty to contend with, so don’t worry about it. Keep your hands clean as usual, and try not to fidget with your mo just because doing so looks a bit odd.
  8. Trimming? Aaaagh! Well, if you are not committed or curious enough to head for handlebar-land you may choose to trim at the edge of your lip. Yes, I

    This is me before I grew my hb out. Short mo, but much more manly. See how little it takes?

    encourage you to go all the way to moustache heaven, but if you just ain’t gonna, you can use electric trimmers. Try to stay right at the edge of your lip. If you cut above that you are going to have a conspicuous line of bare skin there that is almost as bad as a pencil thin moustache line. I also recommend you use a proper trimmer rather than an unwieldy electric shaver’s side burn thingy. Or use some sharp little scissors. Also, don’t trim out the philrum, that narrow, vertical trough in the middle. I did that for a while years ago and when I let it grow back in a couple people told me it looked very peculiar.

  9. Regarding NOT trimming, especially if you are growing out your mo to a handlebar, yes the hairs will tickle your lips, but honestly, after a while you will not even notice that at all. Your brain will learn what that sensation is and start to ignore the touch of the hairs. Problem solved.
  10. “It itches.” I have a friend who could grow an awesome beard but he quits after a couple days, time and time again, because he ISN’T MAN ENOUGH – lol. Just kidding, Jorge. (he has big muscles). Yes, it may itch a bit, but only until it gets a bit longer. It won’t take long. In the meantime, you can put a little lotion on your lip to soften the hairs. Or just man up and ignore it until that phase passes. You will dig it.
  11. Training your mo? I don’t know if you are going to get enough length in just one month to need training. Bless you if your mo grows that fast! Just sweep the hairs to the side – if they let you. Once you get length you will be able to style it more and eventually use waxes or similar products.

Beyond Movember is Handlecember!

I encourage you to give it a go and try a handlebar moustache. After about two to three months you will get enough length to show some curl. And then you will be a fully realized Man.

Get hairy and stay healthy, friends.

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