Controlling your Corkscrewy Handlebar Moustache Curl Controlling your Corkscrewy Handlebar Moustache Curl
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Controlling your Corkscrewy Handlebar Moustache Curl

Corkscrewing develops for men with naturally curly hair when the curls get long enough. It means the curls are starting to lean forward, away from your face. It can be a bother whether you use wax, glue or nothing. 

corkscrewmoThe picture at right is my moustache at it’s longest, with Got2be Glued applied and deliberately allowed to corkscrew as it wanted to. I would wear it this way at times just for fun.

I don’t recommend that one twist the curl when styling your them as that will only mis-orient the natural curl if you have any and can damage the hairs. When waxing one might best not twist the hairs around each other at all, as many mistakenly do, but rather just apply the wax or glue stick in line with the hairs and bend the curl as desired.

Regarding the origins of corkscrewing, I have a strong natural curl and never twist and I still get corkscrewing, so twisting is not the root cause but if one does twist forward while waxing the hairs will be stuck to each other in something of a forward twisted way. After applying wax or gluestic, a gentle, partial twist in the direction opposite to the genetic lean will compensate for it. Other than that, let the hairs orient naturally.

Got2b Glued will not hold hairs together in the curls as nicely as wax can, and glue stick will also give you the advantage of controlling the degree of curl because when it dries it will stay where you put it. Put glue stick in the curl only, curl it as tight as you want, and use low heat blow dryer to gradually harden it, shaping it as you go. It will dry hard as rock and last for days or until you get it wet.

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