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Are You Losing Moustache Hairs?

Now and then I encounter gentlemen with fine and prized handlebar moustaches who are concerned with hairs coming out when grooming or whenever. I got an email from Ben the other day who had some questions on this important topic.

hairs-2012-09-04_08-15-08_HDRTo those of us with a handlebar moustache each hair is a treasure, our “precious”, so to speak, a building block in this awesomeness right under our nose for all the world to glory at. Rightly so, as the world and our lives would bea darker place without the handlebar moustache.

So there you are, putting wax or something on your moustache, or brushing it, or washing your face, or scratching an itch in it – or fiddling with it compulsively like those of us new to the handlebar moustache will tend to do for the first six months or so – and out come a few hairs! OMG! Not my moustache! What have I done? What am I doing wrong?

What you are doing wrong is worrying about it. If you aren’t washing your moustache in Draino or frying it with a too-hot electrical device or twisting it around itself, you are pretty much fine. Just as on your head and all parts of your body, you will naturally shed a few of the oldest hairs from your moustache every day.

Yes, you want it to be thicker and longer (that’s what she said) but you can be at peace. Accept that you moustache will be what it will be based on your genetics. Yes, you do need to not abuse it, but “shed happens” and isn’t going to diminish your glory to any great degree. Remember, your handlebar moustache looks better than you think.

Don’t worry about hairs coming out during grooming. If the hair comes out that easily, it would have fallen out with no effort in a few days. In fact, just before writing this post I pulled at my moustache and was able to remove five hairs with no pain or difficulty. They appear to range in length from .75 inch to two inches. I’m not worried because I see this every day and have for the last two years of growing this awesomeness.

What I see is that when the hair is about to be shed the base within the follicle will have stopped growing a while back. Sometimes dead skin cells build up a bit at the base, giving it a tiny ball on the end. This can stick in the follicle and keep the hair in place, but once the base breaks from the growth matrix of the hair under it the hair can turn a bit in the follicle and you will suddenly find a hair that is way out of whack with the growth pattern of your moustache, curving off in some odd, new direction. This is a good sign the hair is dead and on its way out. You can gently pull it out. It may hold on, but if you feel it’s still alive and are feeling any tiny bit of pain as you pull, then leave it as it may just be bent oddly. A wash may return it to the proper orientation

I am in the habit of pulling gently on my moustache to remove lose hairs. I’d rather they not come out at the wrong time, in front of others. The challenge is not to pull it when in front of others. lol. Yet it’s instinctive to itch an itch, and when the base breaks in the follicle you can feel it kind of pricking very mildly at the root.

What about your wax? A lot of waxes have petroleum jelly to soften the bees wax. There are those who believe that vasaline/petrolatum and mineral oil jelly is not good for the body and that they can be absorbed. I don’t know that such would be a problem for hair growth. I doubt it, as the hair has it’s natural growth cycle. I do recommend that you wash out your wax periodically so the skin and follicles are clean. Dawn dish liquid is very good for removing moustache wax, but should be followed with some sort of natural conditioning. Follow with an overnight treatment with aloe vera goo from a living leaf, massaged into the skin under your moustache. Aloe vera is very healing to the cells and could promote healthier and maybe faster growth.

Some fellows use oil on the moustache. Others use jojoba, which is good but be sure it’s fresh. Don’t use rancid oil on the skin and the free radicals can age the skin and maybe harm the hair follicles. Coconut is very good and never spoils, and has antibacterial qualities. Never use mineral oil.

So don’t worry about losing hairs during grooming or whenever. It’s natural. You will probably lose five or ten a day, depending on how dense the hairs are on your upper lip. If I had twice the hairs I do I would have twice the shedding. Your wax is not causing it.


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