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Library of Congress Flickr Photostream Search: Moustache

A nice surprise to find was that the Library of Congress (USA) has a photostream with the tags moustache and mustache available for browsing online. This is pretty cool, and a nice way to find inspiration and illustration of historical moustaches.

libraryofcongress_sample-214x3003As of this writing the “moustache” or “mustache” tag give us 496 image results. Most are black and white and taken a good while ago. Alas, there aren’t as many great moustaki these days. Shall we bring them back? They say old fashions become new again some day. This one’s taking a while. These days I think men in general are too phobic to break the mold.

Most of the photos have some sort of provenance or information about the subject in it. There’s one of Robert Lincoln, son of the President, with notes about how he tried to get control of his mother’s money by having her committed. There are a few of Kaiser Wilhelm (shown here) at various ages, one of C.R.E. Koch’s amusing three pointed moustache/goatee combo, Prince Roland Bonaparte (a French prince and president of the Société de Géographie) had some nice hooks,  and William Peter Hamilton, who was an editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Not all the pic are of handlebar mustaches but there are some interesting images regardless, with a bit of history you may enjoy browsing.


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  1. I think this is a fashion-forward muhsacte. The glasses are just a tad too nerdy to not be a knowing appropriation. I also take him to be a late-30s hipster (open shirt collar), and not a stubborn, authentic nerd in his 50s.But is ‘ironic’ the right label? Very few clothing/grooming choices are sustainably ironic. You might try it once for a chuckle, but to keep it going you have to own it. And once the trend catches on, the joke is over, and the look is simply taken to be cool. I see this a lot in the college kids.

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