Moustache and Beard Safety Chart - Handlebar Moustache Life Moustache and Beard Safety Chart - Handlebar Moustache Life
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Moustache and Beard Safety Chart

It’s interesting the reactions we get from people when they see a handlebar moustache. For some it is a very strong medicine, too much to take – at least seriously. And it would be curious to find the roots of our socially based reactions to various types of facial hair. This style or that, does it look evil? Trustworthy? Dignified? Wild and unpredictable. Many of our reactions come from associations with characters in the media, even cartoons. The 70s porn star, the greedy tycoon, the kind grandfather type, the cave man, the king of this or that country. Which one are you?

If you’ve seen the trustworthy facial hair chart,

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BONUS! lol. Here’s a test combining a more favored, with a less favored – Snidely Whiplash. And some effects from me playing with an image editor.



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