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It keeps getting better.

I am very much enjoying the progression of my moustache. The longer/bigger it gets, the better it looks. People say it suits me, and I am agreeing. I was walking through an office park Wednesday and turned a corner and unexpectedly found myself reflected in a shinny glass wall from the equivalent of 15 feet and it really did look pretty cool.

So if you are starting off or considering growing a Big One I heartily encourage you, and urge you to be patient and hold out for 4 to 6 months to let it develop. I’m only at 3.5 months (metric (?)) and its getting to a good fullness and length. Yours of course may take more or less time, and your growth may be different, but stick with it and experiment. Be courageous. A handlebar moustache is an unique attribute for a man’s styling. You have numerous options, and it certainly adds spice, snazz, dash, danger, fun and whatever to your look and personal presentation.

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