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English-Style Handlebar Moustache Test

At right is a picture of me sporting an English-style of handlebar moustache. I don’t often wear this style, but got a lot of positive feedback at work and even more in the Handlebar Club online forum. My cat wasn’t too thrilled as I poked him in the face. I think he was jealous, too.

man with english-style handlebar moustache and a flat cap on his headMy stache has a natural curl to it so to do this I had to use my beloved glue stick and hold the hair straight while I dried the glue with a hair blow dryer. Glue stick is better than wax for many applications and gives you more options in styling. It dries rock hard and can be washed out with plain water. Use it sparingly in the body of the moustache. Experiment with it. Nice thing is you can wash it out quickly if you don’t like what you did.

I use Avery glue stick in white or purple or UHU in purple only (the purple color disappears in seconds. The white UHU glue stick has a strange, fake fruity smell that didn’t fade out made me feel a little sick after a couple hours). There are other brands of course. Let me know if you find others you like.

Have you tried this English-style for your moustache? I’m not really crazy about it for myself, but I like the fact that I can do different styles with my moustache for fun and will use it now and then.

My long hair is back in a ponytail, and the hat is one of those English ones – I don’t recall the name for the design. I like this hat in particular as it is made of just one piece of felt with no seams at all.



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