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The Mustache Open Golf Tournament is Just Plain Awesome

Mustached Golf is Better!

A gentleman representing notified me of a great golf tournament idea that is happening this year. It’s called the Mustache Open.

“Clifton S. Waterbury III, also known as Mr. Mr. and Mr. Leisure, is the founder and President of The Mustache Open Enterprises. An American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and golfer. He is known for throwing the best mustache golf tournaments around the world.”

There is a series of tournaments this year (2013) all culminating in the championship here in Las Vegas in November 2013.

President of the Mustache OpenLike anyone needs a reason to play golf, yet as Clifton says, with a moustache, “It’s just plain funner.”

More from the site (to pad this post – lol):

“The Mustache Open is holding tournaments in the Scottsdale AZ, Lincoln NE, Orlando FL, and Los Angeles CA. This is your chance. Float like a butterfly, stache like Burt Reynolds. Register today to play in the world’s greatest two man scramble ever.

mustache printed men's short pants available from

Mustache printed men’s short pants available from

“Each mustachioed competitor has a chance to showcase their skills and their stache to qualify for a free trip to Las Vegas to play in the Tournament of Champions. The winning two man team will be crowned The Mustache Open Champions and be presented with the coveted Mustache Open Leisure Robes.

“This is an opportunity unlike any other. It’s bragging rights to your friends. It’s a legacy you can pass along to your children’s children’s children. Win fame. Get the girl. Get the guy. Get the girl to get the guy to get you a sandwich. But first, get your mustache and swing in shape, because the competition is bound to get hairy.”

At one point you could even buy moustache printed pants, shorts and jackets, (but the shop appears to be closed as of this update Jan 25 2014)

Read the original article here.

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