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The International Moustache Film Festival in Portland Maine March 29 2013

All Moustache Films? This would be so cool to see!

“Last year, in 2012, agreeing with Stache groupies united (a nonprofit yet to be formed?), we needed a bigger venue, so we shot for the heart of the arts district in Portland: Port City Music Hall. We initiated VIP entry, incorporated a film festival, added a full-on catwalk, and hooked DJ Tim D up to PCMH’s state-of-the-art sound system. The result? Nearly 500 tickets sold (about 65 percent of those to women), and the place was veritable moustache petting zoo… with beer.

moustache film festival portland maine“In 2013, we make a triumphant return to PCMH to sell that place out. With the help of Creative Content Partners on the event planning, we’re not so sure what this year’s Pag will bring, but this moustache train is picking up speed. Care to come along for the ride?”

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Their web site:

Here are the winners from 2012:

Winners of Stache Film Fest Awards:

Audience Award (and a $100, no, wait, thanks to the Progressive Messenger it is a $200 cash prize!) goes to:

Results May Vary, Erica Smith South Portland, ME, USA

Runner Up: Moustache, Vicki Sugars, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
3rd: Super Stache, Bonfire Films and Gunkat Films, Portland, ME, USA
4th: The Mustache, Émilie B. Guérette and Joannie Lafrenière, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
5th: Mr Mustache’s Day Off, Shoot Media Project, Portland, ME, USA

Best Silent Film:

Cabbagemincer, Vadim Viner/ St.Petersburg University of Cinema and TV, St. Petersburg, Russia

Best Foreign Film:
tie Moustache, Vicki Sugars, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
and The Mustache, Johan Rosell Linköping, Sweden

Best Stache Growth Story:
Mo and Me, or… how to grow a moustache from scratch!, Adam Fisher, Portland, OR, USA

Best Stache Shaving Story:
First Shave, The Cole Family, Bourne, MA, USA

Best Moustache Death Relationship Story:
The Changing Face of India, William Hartley ,Ulverston, England, UK

Best Fake-Moustache Movie:
L’Aventure de Lolo, Chris Clavio, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Best Collection of Moustaches in One Film:
Short Story of Hungarian Moustache, Nora Lakos, Budapest, Hungary

Best Moustache Super Hero Story:
Super Stache, Bonfire Films and Gunkat Films, Portland, ME, USA

Best Moustache film 30-second or less:
You Sir!, Duffell Films, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK

Best Bad-Ass Moustache Movie:
Possum, Daniel Perry Brooklyn, NY USA

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