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Mustachio Bashio 2012 at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas Nov 17

Last year I won first prize at this event, $1000! Even though the rules don’t let me compete this time I made sure I was there this year just to support everyone and meet others who sport and enjoy moustaches.

I had a lot of fun and met a bunch of people. Bill, William, James, Jeremy, Sal and Ramona, Jerry and Yuni, Bach, Fernando, Hernando and a bunch more I don’t remember names for. I’m glad you all could make it and have some fun. I always encourage people to go to these events and participate if you can.

I didn’t catch the names of the second and third prize winners, but Stacy, who had a Col. Sanders getup won a 15.00 iTunes gift certificate for 4th place for most creative presentation.

The event was a mustache party with a mashed potato eating contest at 7 pm and the moustache contest at 8 pm. There were no actual categories so the judging was a bit hairy, pun intended. 39 contestants participated, although there were easily ten guys with very short or even no moustache! I guess they just wanted a few minutes in the spotlight.

The MC paraded the contestants across the stage one at a time, then they were all brought up for the elimination round that cut the crowd down to twenty, then the MC had the audience cut the lineup to ten by applause. Judges made their final choices and the winner was announced.

Here’s my flickr photo set for the event. I thought I had more pics.



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