Movember and a Hands-on Approach to Male Genital Health Movember and a Hands-on Approach to Male Genital Health
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Movember and a Hands-on Approach to Male Genital Health

Movember is ┬áthe title of a month long event to promote men’s health awareness, meaning understanding of prostate and testicular cancer in particular. The idea is for men who have no moustache to grow one for the month and tell others, both men and women, about these issues and where to get important information that could save a man’s life or even prevent such diseases.

So, when someone says, “Hey, what’s with the moustache?” or even, “You look like a porn star with that. Shave it off!” You come back and say something like, “Glad you mentioned it. Are you aware how a man can detect and possibly prevent prostate or testicular cancer? Let me tell you.” And then you do.

Some promoters of Movember suggest shaving off your moustache and growing it back. For those of us with handlebar moustaches, we are far less likely to want to shave of our excellent moustaches, but we can still tell others about men’s health. So hear goes.

Researchers have found that an important tool for reducing or even preventing prostate cancer is literally your “tool”, and is often literally in your own hands. That tool is masturbation – or orgasm to be precise.

From the article below:

“A team in Australia led by Graham Giles of The Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne asked 1079 men with prostate cancer to fill in a questionnaire detailing their sexual habits, and compared their responses with those of 1259 healthy men of the same age. The team concludes that the more men ejaculate between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to develop prostate cancer.”

The idea is that each ejaculation washes out the tissues of the prostate and helps prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer or enlargement of the prostate. One article I read said two orgasms a week is optimal for improvements to overall immune system health. The article below suggests five times a week. I would think two to four is good.

Time to help men stay healthy down there. So, go grow some hair on your upper lip, and while you are at it, grow some on your palms. Doctor’s orders!

And when Movember is over, keep on going until you have an awesome handlebar moustache, of course. Then you can use it as a lead in to tell others about men’s health resources all year long.

Read this article for more detail. Now get busy!


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