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Moustache Dash Charity Run is Coming

From Ugly Dog Events

We are a company that put on themed 5k’s across the country. You may be interested in one of their races, the Moustache Dash. It is an urban obstacle course that is 5k, brings together “moustaches” of all kinds. It is for men and women, real and fake mustaches, and a portion of our proceeds goes to benefit Zero Cancer (a non profit that focuses on making prostate cancer something that is easy to manage).

moustache dash run 2013The Moustache Dash is a 5k unlike any other you have experienced. This 5k
is for men AND women, real AND fake moustaches. In this urban adventure
dash, the rules are simple: (1) you must wear a moustache and (2) you must
conquer the obstacles to get to the finish line. Like Chuck Norris on a
daily basis, prepare to meet a challenge at every turn. This could entail
jumping over cars, scaling walls, going to new heights…the possibilities
are endless!

Then, after all of your hard work, join your fellow
facial-haired comrades to celebrate the hard-earned finish with live
music, refreshments, and best of all, fun! We will also be having a 1 mile
Junior ‘stache dash for the littler ‘stachers ages 4-12.

Races take place in  Atlanta May 11th, and Southern California August 24th and in November in Las Vegas and Charlottesville.

There is a Junior Stache Dash also.

To sport the best ‘stache you got as you overcome any obstacles that get in your way. Whether you do this solo or with your friends, we are going to have a ball and get our sweat on to rack up 10% of all registration proceeds for Zero Cancer. This charity’s goal is to help those with prostate cancer and doing what they can so that one day, there are no prostate cancer deaths.

Individual (early) Registration: $70, Team (early) Registration: $65/pp
Individual (late) Registration: $90, Team (late) Registration: $65/pp
Junior ‘Stache Dash: $25

Race Day Info
In order to become a dasher, you will have to pick up your race packet the day BEFORE the race (packet pick-up locations will vary per city, so stay tuned, and check back with us under your specific location). We want to meet the people behind those moustaches! If you choose to wait until the day of the event, there will be a $5 fee, so be the early bird and get the worm with this race.

Join us an hour before your wave is released with your moustaches groomed or taped on, comfortable clothing, and your running shoes (same goes for our little dashers). Don’t forget to attach your race bib to the front of your shirt, you can’t run without it.

After everything you have overcome to get to the end, celebrate with us and your friends with music, beverages, foods, and goodies for sale.

Hold tight and we will have that information under specific locations of each race.

Your home-grown moustache…or one that you stick on.
Running Shoes
Cash for beverages, food, and Moustache merchandise
Your picture ID

The Other Thing We’re About

This event is part of Ugly Dog Events’ Give Ten program. This means that 10% of the gross registration dollars for this event will benefit a charity, organization, or local school. Our ultimate goal is to make a difference in as many lives as possible. Please, help us do more by liking us on Facebook, Tweeting, and telling your friends. To learn more, visit our charity page.

For more information please check out the website: and on FB Moustache Dash/junior stache.


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