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Winners of the HML 2013 Online Moustache Contest!

Sorry for the delay, but our celeb judges queen of burlesque Dita von Teese and MMA fighter Ian McCall have been traveling and I had to wait a bit to hear from them, but the results are in!

First I want to thank our celebrity judges for participating in this handlebar moustache competition. I am delighted they were willing to add their sparkle and spark to the event.

By the way, Dita tweeted me a few days ago saying, “I wish this was a dating site!” We all thank you, Dita.

And I thank also all the excellently moustached men who participated. We had 72 all together. And I want you all to know that you look awesome, even with your smaller handlebars. We all know the handlebar moustache is a quantum leap in awesomeness for any man, and you really all do look great!

But yes, there can be only ONE winner. And I am told it was hard to pick the top place. It was literally done with a coin toss!

So, here we go:

First to the Dalí Category, again, honoring the birthday of famed artist and writer Salvador Dalí on May 11. There were ELEVEN contestants, a number matching Dalí’s date of birth! lol. Surely a sign he is watching over us for the event. Thank you, Salvador!


Third place goes to….

Adam P. Causgrove of  Pittsburgh, PA



Second Place goes to……

Nathan Wilson of Madison,Wisconsin

Nathan Wilson shows his Dalí style moustache


First Place winner is…..

Adam Bierton of Brooklyn, NY. Contrats!




Now for the General Handlebar Moustache Category, which included 62 entries

Third place in General Handlebar Moustache category goes to:

Stephen Keene of Lexington, SC

Stephen Keene with a handlebar moustache


Second Place goes to…….

Adrian Amadeo of New Orleans, LA



And First Place goes to…..

Jackie Ellison of Houston, TX. Contrats!

Jackie Ellison wins online handlebar moustache contest

Thank you again to all you dandy gents, for participating.

Let me know if you want to do it again next year.

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