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Silverton Casino Mustachio Bashio 2010!

This afternoon (Friday November 19, 2010) someone at work told me about this event happening tonight, with a mustache contest, right in my backyard! Not backyard, but just three miles from where I work. On my last break I styled my moustache in the men’s room into nice curls. Looked great. I doubted I would win simply because there are some great moustaches out there and while mine is an awesome HB, mustachiobashio2010-2-285x3002it’s not yet grown to what I would think a winner at competition level. Maybe in a couple of years if I let it grow to greater length, which I may.

So when I got off at 7 I drove over there. The event started at 7 but that was just opening the doors. I got there at quarter after and a couple hundred had already arrived.

470silvertongroup1Sorry, I don’t have decent pictures yet as I didn’t know it was happening so I had no camera and my phone camera is crap. BUT I will have plenty of pics when the photographers who were there post them to the web, and I will make a Picasa gallery for you to enjoy. The photographer, Big Tom, has posted his pics AT THIS LINK.

So I get to the Silverton, leave the car at the valet and walk to the pavilion where it’s happening. At the door I registered for free to be a contestant. I was number 25 of what would add up to 42 by judging time, which was at 8:30. At the door they were also selling or handing out fake moustaches of all styles (didn’t notice if they

Awesome antler chandelier at the Silverton Casino. There were about sixe of these in the room.

Awesome antler chandelier at the Silverton Casino. There were about sixe of these in the room.

were selling them as I was naturally equipped.) If you bought the tshirt they were selling you would get $1 beer all night.


Yes, just about everyone including the women were wearing fake or real moustaches (no, no real ones on the women – I think). Some guys had even them stuck to their foreheads, some were drawn on with marker or whatever. There were all styles, sizes and colors. It was really funny. I’d never been to a mustache party. Just another example of the amazing power of the moustache to bring people together.

There were not a lot of great real mustaches, unfortunately, and not all were handlebar, of course. It was funny seeing the mix of ages and personalities and degrees of sobriety among attendees. Some were there purely for the moustache contest – older guys who you wouldn’t expect at a moustache party of any sort, who sat around waiting for the main contest.

Above is myself, Frank and Wesley

Above is myself, Frank and Wesley

One standout was a young guy who called himself Nova who worked at a bar/grill (?). He said he had to get a staff petition to management to let him keep his moustache at all, then when the general manger saw the nice handlebar he was building for the contest said no problem, in fact he decided to sponsor him. So he came dressed as a basketball player with a logo on his tank top, a b-ball and a lot of spirit and was fun to watch as he interacted with others during the evening. I hope to get a pic here soon.


I was pleased to see a number of guys in their early twenties who were sporting HBs or even “ordinary” moustaches, as so much on the web says a lot of that age group are apparently shy of growing one, saying they are for older men. I think they are for men with balls.

Slender young man with auburn moustache. Said he can't let the middle grow out because the hairs are so stiff they are more like needles and hurt his lower lip. Nice though.

Slender young man with auburn moustache. Said he can’t let the middle grow out because the hairs are so stiff they are more like needles and hurt his lower lip. Nice though.

And there was more entertainment to keep us until the moustache contest: a mashed potato eating contest to fill the night. Pretty funny watching the guys try to down most of a platter of ten pounds of not so carefully prepared spud mush. There was even one man with a fine white beard I wouldn’t have wanted to see messed up like that, but he seemed to be pretty careful as he ate. You should have seen their facial expressions as they plodded through, and nobody could use his hands or utensils. Later one guy said they didn’t taste so good, no butter, with skins on and with a few chunks. The winner downed an amazing eight pounds of the stuff. I think first prize was $100.


Me and my hostess arriving on stage.

Me and my hostess arriving on stage.

So comes around time for the moustache contest. Pretty blond ladies in tight orange tshirts and short skirts escorted us on stage one at a time, while photographers snapped away.

Judging proceeded with seven judges from the casino and the media marking their clipboards as we lined up.


One of the judges was the UNLV mascot “Hey Reb” who is a cartoon style man with a huge white moustache. Doug, a guy I met there had a really nice looking handlebar moustache, and was #26 and stood next to me on stage. Apparently his stache was so neat looking Hey Reb felt he had to come on stage and give it a little tug to make sure it was real. No damage, and I saw it close up and those were real hairs growing out of his lip.

Doug recovers from the test.

Doug recovers from the test.

All lined up, final applause and we were dismissed to the floor for tabulation.


Then the ten finalists were brought up. There were a couple of older gents with long, shoestring bars sticking out to the sides – one neat and one anywhich way. There was a man named Frank I chatted with earlier who had a nice wide, white brush of a moustache spanning halfway out his cheeks – very good.


One tall fellow about 45 had a very bushy informal moustache, and an even taller man had a sort of unwaxed fu manchu that was more of a 5 inch long Hulk Hogan style horseshoe dangling down from his jaw.

The winners were: the older fellow with the symmetrical shoestring moustache – he got an iPhone. Second place when to a local figure,  a white haired man in a captian’s outfit with white pants and hat and a pink jacket studded with cameos and medals and such. He had a fuzzy white moustache and neat pointy goatee, and went home with an iPad. The grand prize of $1000 went to a twenty something guy whose styled beard added to his fine handlebar moustache – he had curled out the bottom of the foot-long beard into a moustache shape. Not sure if that’s totally kosher in a moustache contest…. That and a lot of spirit got him the winners sash and cash.



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