Is Your Moustache the Best? Is Your Moustache the Best?
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Is Your Moustache the Best?

I’ve attended and competed in a few moustache and beard contests and they are a lot of fun. On occasion rare occasion we find them online. held an online contest in May of 2012 that was judged by two celebrities. As of this writing there is onetoptache contest of sorts online at Voting is by worldwide visitors to the site. You can submit your picture and then canvas your friends online to go there and vote for you magnificent moustache. Take a look.

Then there’s the question, what is ‘best’? There are certainly moustaches that are bigger, longer, fancier than others, and there are certainly poorly groomed moustaches, but bigger is not always better. I’ve gone through four years with a handlebar and have seen  a great many pass through HML. You can look at a lot of them in the Moustache Survey link on the menu above.I’ve met men who can grow little or nothing on the upper lip. Some men are given the genetics to grow long and bushy moustaches, and that’s great, but don’t think you are less for whatever yours looks like. Don’t think you need a bigger moustache–or any–to make a good impression or be a ‘man’. I can’t grow much of a beard, and I was really envious of those who could until I realized I don’t need one. I am me.

And yes, it is fun to have a great moustache.

Any handlebar can be a great moustache. Vote for me! lol

And back in the world of the handlebar moustache, all in all, with all the excitement over big or ‘amazing’ moustaches, I can tell you that a smaller curl or point done right is really as good if not ‘better’ than any other handlebar moustache. Even a small curl can adds a great deal to a man’s look if that is what you prefer. What YOU like to do with your moustache, in my opinion, is what’s best.

Actually, mine is the best. lol. See my entry at this link.

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