HML's 2013 Moustache May Contest Prizes - Handlebar Moustache Life HML's 2013 Moustache May Contest Prizes - Handlebar Moustache Life
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Thanks to Our Contest Sponsors

I am very grateful to my gererous sponsors for this years Online Handlebar and Dalí Moustache Contest, for the great prizes they contributed.

Petal Pusher Fancies NOW RENAMED:

Located in Western Massachusetts Casa Grande, AZ, they make soap, balms,moisturizers and powders that they think are the best, along with the fine shaving and moustache products below. Hodges says, “I have been looking all over the world for products like the ones you will find here.  We were forced to make them because they didn’t exist.   Frances and I had to pluck them from our dreams and bring them into existence, breathe life into them….”

They donated the following:


Kokum Butter Shaving Soap

Pro Waxer Gift Kit


Extendable Shaving Mirror


The maker of the awesome Handlebar Moustache Bottle Opener, made of laser-cut steel, has donated a keychain version of this great little tool.

handlebar moustache bottle opener


Handlebar Moustache Life donated a t-shirt designed by its founder Eric Tischler

yinyangproof_handlebar_moustache_isquot_light handlebar moustache t-shirt yin yang




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